Thursday, December 13, 2012

Random Post..Again

You gotta love a random brain-dump every now and then.

1. I keep seeing where all my local facebook friend's kids are dropping like flies with either the flu or stomach bug. I am sooo worried/anxious/nervous that we will be next. We have just a couple of parties with kids and I'm so afraid Jonah is going to be the next victim. I just really do not want a repeat of last Christmas where we all got sick on and the day after Christmas.

2. I am done with my Christmas shopping!!! All are wrapped except what has not come in the mail yet.

3. I feel much more "on the ball" with Christmas stuff than I ever have in past years. I think it's because I started shopping in October. I got my cards out on time and the tree up early. I feel much more relaxed and ready for the season this year. I am excited for the fun stuff now like going to see Santa and riding around to look at lights.

4. Whatever teething or moodiness Jonah had last week is all but gone this week. Sure he is still a 2 year old but his mood is much better. I hope it stays that way through Christmas. Also, his appetite is finally back.

5. I have 72 sugar cookies to bake today for our church's cookie decorating party tomorrow night. I hope it goes pretty smooth for us and we have a good turn out. We are decorating cookies to take to our shut-ins and widows. I am so excited and hope to get some pictures too.

6. I am in love with this Christmas CD. I haven't bought it yet but I've been listening to it all on YouTube. My favorite song is You're Here. Check it out. Francesca's voice is amazing!

7. I made these for Jonah's little library Christmas party today. I hope they like them. I don't know what I did before Pinterest.

8. I will be 30 in like 3 and half months. This is blowing my mind. That is all.

9. I made these for our annual Christmas cookie exchange and ornament swap. They turned out really good and were actually the first cookies I had ever made from scratch. The best tip was to mix them up and roll into logs and then refrigerate overnight. Then I just cut them and baked them.

10. I am so thankful that God sent His Son down to earth...but I am even more thankful for His Son's death, which saves me from my sins and washes me in grace each and every day. I hope you have a blessed Christmas season!

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  1. Girl, if I even have a split second where I feel a little sick, I immediately start worrying we are next! And I have yet to get a flu shot!

    I'm glad Jonah is in a better mood. Connor was a stinker again today. I might be leaving him at the grandparents this weekend! I kid ;) maybe. Ha!


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