Tuesday, January 8, 2013


On Christmas Eve, Michael and I were both off work so we decided to take Jonah to Michael's work. I can't really tell you where that is because it is a large military base and he works on the base's firetrucks. The big bosses were gone that day so we went out there to show Jonah the firetrucks. He is obsessed with all vehicles right now.

Jonah loved seeing the trucks and his favorite part was the big bell on the front of one of the engines. I am sure the guys were regretting showing him how to do that....he rang it several times before we left. He also loved sitting in the driver's seat but then he would always go right back to that bell.

Jonah is absolutely enthralled by the fact that his Daddy works on firetrucks! I hope he always thinks his Dad is so cool. :)

Next up I will be sharing some big news. :)

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