Friday, January 25, 2013

Another Brain Dump

This post has no real purpose other than to unload some of the random thoughts swimming around in my head and just general stuff going on that I want to document in some way.

1. We have so much stuff to do before this next baby comes and I just hope we can manage to get most, if not all, of it done. There are some big shifts and changes that have to happen within our four walls to get prepared for this baby. We have a three bedroom house with a living room, separate kitchen (eat-in), hallway and little mudroom/office/we-don't-know-what-it-is room. This extra room is right off our side entrance that we use all the time. I work from home and my office is set up in our third bedroom. So we have to fix up this extra room as an office/mudroom and then fix up the third bedroom as the nursery. The problem is that the extra room is not in great shape and we have to rip up linoleum floors and put down something else (probably a laminate) and then the baseboards all need to be redone as well as paint, new lighting and then possibly building a set of desks for me and Michael. Whew! It is a lot to tackle and we are ready to get it started.

2. Michael is going to be gone for a week in February for training for his job. He will be out of state and it will be his first time to fly and he is going by himself. We are all excited for the future job possibilities that this training will provide but honestly we are all kind of dreading that week. He will be so sad to leave Jonah for that long (and me I guess) and I will be sad to not have his help with Jonah all week. I am trying to look on the positive side of it all, that Jonah and I will have more one-one-one time together but I know that he will miss his Daddy and not really understand what's going on. I am hoping that Skype will help us but it's going to be hard to explain to a 2.5 year old why Daddy is not coming home that first night. I am kind of tearing up just thinking about it now! Please say a prayer for travel mercies and for time to go by quickly for all of us that week.

3. We should find out what we are having in March! I am so ready to just know so I can rule out looking at girl stuff or vice versa. LOL. Michael says it's a girl and I think it's another boy. My father-in-law has never been wrong in his predictions of gender in the past and he thinks it's a girl too. We will see!

4. Lately I've been feeling like the walls of this house are closing in on us and I know it's just because we have so much stuff/junk especially after Christmas! I am home everyday too so maybe that is why I feel that way but I have got to start purging or storing some of this stuff or I am going to lose it! I am hoping to start on the closets this weekend and just get rid of stuff. Surely I am not nesting already!!!

5. I am at that stage of a pregnancy where you aren't big enough to really wear maternity clothes but none of your regular clothes (especially jeans) fit anymore. I feel huge already! I am not a "pretty prego" to begin with. I swell, my hair does weird stuff, my hips and thighs get bigger as the belly grows, etc. I promise I have not really changed my eating habits as far as portions and frequency of eating and my thighs and hips have just decided to venture South and East on their own since we announced we were expecting. What is up with that?!!

6. I need to start buying boxes of diapers yesterday.

7. We are really thinking of putting a small twin size bed in the nursery along with the crib so that one of us (me) can just sleep in there with the baby. We did not do this with Jonah and wished we had. Our room is too small for a crib or pack-n-play to be in there too so this is our solution. I just wonder if it will really help or not at night.

8. I think I will go pin some closet organization ideas now.

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  1. I've been going through a de-clutter phase myself. I think we all do, from time to time and for various reasons. For me, I think it's because of moving my workspace into the parsonage office along with James. Having to rearrange in one room makes me look at all the other rooms and assess what stuff is really necessary, what is really desired, and what could just be tossed or passed on for someone else's benefit.

    Praying for safe travels for the February trip. I know from our experiences that it's a mix of pro and con when a spouse is away. I do miss James and the flow of our regular routines whenever one of us travels without the other. But I also enjoy the "me" time I get during such periods. I suspect phone calls and Skype will help, but mostly just be ready to answer Jonah's questions or concerns honestly, and offer reassurances as needed. And such times are great opportunities along the faith journey. As Jonah watches you trust God while Dad is away - by keeping up regular routines, sharing in extra time with Jonah, and sharing things in prayer - it will be easier for him to trust God too. ;)

  2. Thanks Michelle! Your words of encouragement mean a lot. I honestly had not thought about how I would really reassure Jonah while Michael is gone but your suggestions are perfect. We will definitely be praying for Daddy while he is away.

  3. You are a beautiful prego, April!!! :)

  4. I CAN"T wait to hear what you are having!!! Just give into the maternity jeans! You will feel better and it is all about comfort when you are chasing one and growing one. =) Showing happens so much faster with each baby! Interesting how the belly remembers! ;)


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