Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up

Hello! Well we've had a low-key weekend for the most part. Other than the part where I cried for about an hour yesterday afternoon. I am not sure if I should chalk it all up to pregnancy hormones or just that I don't handle big changes very well. Either way, that's the truth of it.

So Saturday was spent hanging out together other than my quick run to town for weekly groceries and diapers. Michael stayed home with Jonah and they got some fun one-one-one time before he had to leave.

So yes, this is the week that my hubby will be gone to Florida for work training. He made it safe and sound yesterday afternoon. We got to talk to him on the computer last night and Jonah loved that. Jonah has done really good with the adjustment and has not been asking about Daddy since he left, which was what I was afraid would happen. We had told him Saturday that Daddy had to go to work for a long time and would be back home but it would be in several night-nights and we would talk to him on the computer. I guess that prep work was all he needed. :)

Also, I just have to say that I have a deeper appreciation for all the military spouses and families and families that have to be apart for extended periods of time. It certainly makes my measly week look pretty pathetic in comparison.

Truthfully I was dreading this week but now that it's here I know we will adjust and be just fine. I am not sure why I get myself so worked up over changes. I know that God is watching over us and will meet our needs while we have to be apart.

Well since a post is not much fun without are some really bad phone pictures of Jonah last night watching Chuggington and sucking on his heart-sucker from his Sunday School Valentines party. He has been so excited about Valentines since that little party. He loves his Valentines cards he got and keeps them all in a little bag together and loves to show them and then he will get excited at say "It's Valentines Day!!" or "Valentines Day is coming up. " LOL He has already started talking about the Easter bunny too...LOL

I also finished reading this brand new book last night. I really loved it and I've been following this author's blog for a while now. It is a wonderful book for any new mothers/mothers of toddlers/mothers of only children, etc. It had some really great, literal laugh-out-loud parts to it and some really heart-touching parts too. I cannot say I share all of her opinions on parenting and how she sees other mothers but it was an entertaining read nonetheless.

I hope everyone has a great week!!

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