Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 2013 {Monthly Update}

Gosh it has been a while since I posted! It's not because I haven't wanted to. I just have not had time between work and then housework and being a Mommy. So I think I am going to try to do a monthly update at the very least each month to kind of keep up-to-speed with what's going on around here.

I will still post about other stuff but at least for my memory I will know what we did each month.

1. We survived the week with out Michael (Daddy)! Jonah did wonderfully that whole week and did not get upset that Daddy was not home each night. We had told him that Daddy had to go away to work. He understands that Daddy has to "work" anyways so I think that helped. Also, getting to talk to Daddy on the computer each night was fun for him too. He behaved so well for me that week. And then the next week when Michael was back, he decided to test all his boundaries again. Oh well....he is 2.5. I did good too while he was gone and the week went by pretty quickly since I was so busy.

2. Valentine's Day was just Jonah and I since Michael was gone. Jonah went to a Valentine's party at the library with his story hour friends. He brought home lots of goodies and had a great time with his friends. He got a set of small construction vehicles from us and loves them.  He is really into any kind of equipment or large vehicles right now.

3. Michael went away to study to take a test for his job. He works on fire trucks. He passed his test too!!

4. Work for me has been crazy busy! Thankfully next month it will slow down a little. I am 17 weeks along as of yesterday and feeling so much better than those first few weeks. I never had morning sickness but I was so fatigued all the time and didn't feel like doing the normal things I like to do. So glad to have my energy returning.

5. We have an ultrasound scheduled for March 8th to hopefully find out the gender of baby #2!! So excited and hope this little one cooperates with us.

6. Jonah has been fighting a yucky cold this week and having a hard time breathing at night. He finally had a good night's rest last night and so did we!! Hoping he feels better by this weekend.

I have been reading some really good books lately and I want to share a post about those soon for anyone interested. I also will be posting about the gender reveal as well soon!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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