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Haley's Birth Story

At my Dr. appointment on Wednesday, July 31st, I found out that my Dr. had already put me on the schedule to be induced on my due date of Monday, Aug. 5th. I was so excited and relieved to know that if I did not go into labor that week or weekend, that I would be induced on Monday. I was still only 1-2 cm dilated at that appointment but the Dr. said her head was locked in and ready and that I probably would not have to push very long once I was fully dilated and effaced. That was good to know too but I kind of already knew that since I had been experiencing a ton of pressure for a couple of weeks already.

So we spent the rest of that week busily prepping last minute things and cleaning the house really good (Michael cleaned at least and my Mom came and helped) on Saturday and went to church on Sunday like usual. After church Michael and I headed to the hospital to get pre-registered and get my blood work done in advance. Jonah stayed the night with my parents, who were going to get him up and fed breakfast and then take him to my Granny's (Jonah's great-grandmother's) house so they could come up to the hospital. It was really hard to say goodbye to him that evening knowing it was the last time we would do so with him as the only child. But we left one of Haley's gifts, a pink stuffed giraffe, for him to bring to the hospital with him when he came to see her for the first time. He was really excited about "taking care" of the giraffe for Haley.

Monday morning came dark and early as we had to be at the hospital by 5:30 so they could get started around 6:00. We got straight up to our room and I got changed and in the bed. The night nurse started checking us in and then it was time for the IV. I had been dreading this part more than anything because they had a hard time getting the IV started with Jonah and it hurt like heck! Well this nurse had a hard time too putting it in my hand and then I made the mistake of looking down at it while she was trying. I started getting light-headed and broke out into a cold sweat all over and I told her that I was about to pass out. I had not been allowed to eat since midnight so I know low-blood-sugar was probably part of it too. They laid me back flat and I was able to come out of the feeling of passing out and another night nurse came in and tried to get the IV and was successful...thank God! Only problem was they stuck me on the fatty part of hand right below my thumb and into my wrist area. It was so sore and bothersome for hours but at least it was in.

At 7:00 the shift changed and I found out that a great friend from my high school was going to be my L&D nurse. I was so relieved to know she would be helping us because she is just a wonderful and caring person and the best nurse. She even bagged up my clothes I changed out of before Michael could get to them. LOL It was great to also have someone to just chat with to take my mind off of everything else.

My sister, Audrey was the first to arrive and then my mother-in-law and then my Mom and Dad. Dad insisted on staying out in the waiting area but we kept him updated with texts and stuff. The started my pitocin pretty early and the contractions were very manageable. I think they had it at level 8 (it goes up to 20) before I requested my epidural. Before I got the epidural my Dr. checked me and broke my water and it really did not hurt. The epidural also went really smoothly and the worst part was the pinch, sting and burn and then it just feels weird back there. Once I had the epidural they checked me again and I was at 3. About 45 minutes later they checked and I was 4.5-5. So I was happy to know that I was progressing. During this time we all just chatted and I watched TV and dozed off and on. They all got some lunch and ate out in the waiting room and everything was just going so smoothly. Then I started to feel the pressure about 30 minutes later, at around 12:30.

I pushed my nurse call button and told them I was feeling a lot of pressure. Sure enough, my nurse checked me again and I was already up to an 8...in 30 minutes!! Everyone was excited and they were going to let the Dr. know that it would not be long before I would be ready to push probably. I also found out that there were 4 other women on the floor in labor too and it was just a race to see who would deliver first.

Well I just kept feeling that pressure and took the time to push my epidural pen a couple of times to be sure I was fully drugged up before the pushing started. With Jonah, I could really feel the contractions when I was pushing and while I wanted to feel them somewhat with her...I also wanted to be good and numb. LOL

So by around 2:00 I started pushing. I had my Mom on my right and Michael on my left side helping me. Audrey stayed back behind the Dr. because she wanted to watch (she is going into OB/GYN at medical school). My mother-in-law just really wanted to be in the room for the birth but she has really bad knee problems so she sat in a chair up near my head but behind where my Mom was. I was so glad that I got to have everyone I wanted in the room with me this time. At Jonah's birth I had to pick only 2 people due to my high BP issues and them needing extra staff people, I guess.

Haley Rose was born at 2:28 p.m. on Monday, August 5th and weighed 6 lbs, 13 oz and was 20 inches long.

When she came out I got to watch them suction her and she cried immediately in the Dr.'s hands. Then once they cleared her mouth they laid her on my lap and I got to talk to her and look at her beautiful face. Then they whisked her away to get cleaned up and Michael went over with her at my request of course. My Mom videoed her getting cleaned up for us too. My sister stayed by my side while they did the "other stuff" that they have to do after birth and that was a very special thing for me too.

After they got her cleaned up and brought her over for me to hold, I was told that I had some time to nurse her right then if I wanted to but they also told me that hospital policy was now that you needed to decide whether you were going to nurse or bottle-feed exclusively pretty soon after delivery. I wasn't 100% sure I wanted to bottle-feed exclusively but was leaning in that direction since breast-feeding was unsuccessful with Jonah. I decided to go ahead and nurse her right then and I am so glad I chose to do that because it was wonderful for getting to bond with her so quickly and everyone left us alone to enjoy each other for a good hour. I knew in my heart that I would choose to bottle-feed for my sake and hers since I was not sure that my milk supply would be efficient enough like with Jonah. Of course there are many other reasons why I made that choice but I won't go into all of them now or ever on here probably since they are just personal ones exclusive to our situation and life.

After that, they took Haley to the nursery and my Dad finally got to see her through the window while they checked her out. I got to eat my early supper of Zaxby's chicken and fries and it never tasted so good to me. LOL Then they got us over to our post-postpartum room and we got settled in. My Mom and Dad left to go get Jonah since he would be staying with them that night and I was so glad I did not have to worry about him. He also had a great day at Granny's house but did not nap. I was just glad to know that he was happy and well cared for.

We did not get Haley back to our room from the nursery until a little after 7 pm...ugh...I was not too happy about that but every time I called the nursery, they said they were doing reports and then there was a shift change. Our chiropractor and my cousin's husband came by after his office hours and adjusted Haley at the hospital. I was so thankful we able to have him do that for us just like he did for Jonah. It makes such a difference and he said that she did need a slight adjustment.

We fed Haley and she had a couple of dirty diapers before we finally decided to call the nursery to take her back (around 11:30) for the night. We both were exhausted from the day and needed some decent rest. The next morning I found out that I would get to be released whenever the baby was by my Dr. and was happy to know that. We also learned from the on-call pediatrician that Haley looked great and scored a 9 on her tests and she would probably get released later that evening when the Dr. came back from clinic. So we had some time in the morning to get a good shower, breakfast and then they brought her to us. My Mom and Granny brought Jonah up to the hospital that morning too around 10:00. He was so sweet and excited to meet his little sister and he did so good...way better than either of us expected with seeing me holding her and seeing everyone else get to hold her too. He was just beaming and so proud and he looked like he was 5 instead of 3 compared to her tiny self.

We got to come home late on Tuesday evening and we soldiered through our first night with a newborn. Haley is just a wonderful baby and we are so blessed that the Lord chose her for us. She is such a wonderful gift and the perfect addition to our family!

Daddy checking her out.

 First pictures of Haley.

Happy to have our girl finally!

Some shots of got while we were at the hospital.

Jonah meeting Haley for the first time and giving her Pinkie Giraffe.

Jonah was happy and excited to meet her as you can see. He was in a great mood!

Holding her for the first time. This lasted about 30 seconds.

First smiles for Daddy (gas grins). LOL

The big brother!!

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