Friday, August 2, 2013


Let's get the exciting news over with first!

I am scheduled to be induced early Monday morning!! So unless Haley's decides to make her debut before then, she will be born on her due date of August 5th!

I went in for my regular check-up on Tuesday and the nurse told me that I was on the schedule. My Dr. was on vacation this week and went ahead and set it up. I was so relieved because I really didn't want to go past my due date.

So now we are just in a stage of waiting and prepping last-minute things before we go to the hospital on Monday. We have to be there at like 5:30 in the morning...and the hospital is a good 40 minute drive from our house.

Here is what we've been up to this week so far.

1. NESTING!! I am in full nesting mode and have been all this week and last week. I had the laundry all caught up on Monday and I'm catching it back up again today. I cleaned out and dusted my van. I made up a couple more meals to freeze. I've been getting paperwork and stuff together and finishing up work stuff all this week. Today is my last day of work too! I've been trying to keep the house straight all this week too so that we don't come home to a house that looks like it's been hit by a tornado.

2. SWEET CORN! Our favorite local farm has been selling their sweet corn this week and Mom and I got a whole mess of it. (That is what we call a bunch of corn in the south LOL) I got 2 dozen ears and my Mom got 5 dozen. I shucked 1 dozen on Monday and put it up in the freezer and cooked some of it. It was delicous!! Here is a picture Mom sent me of Jonah helping her when she was shucking her's. He really did try to help!

3. THANK YOUS! I knew this time around that I wanted to have something prepared as a thank you for the nurses and Dr. at the hospital. I so wished I had done something for them after having Jonah so I decided to just do some bags of candy with a little thank you tag. You can never have too much chocolate! I think they turned out pretty cute!

4. My emotions and mood have been all over the place this week (at 39 weeks pregnant, can you blame me?!). I feel bad that I've been grouchy toward Michael and probably Jonah too. I've tried hard not to take it out on them but it just happens sometimes. I am so miserable, physically, with swollen ankles and I can't bend over hardly at all. So if something falls on the just stays there. There is so much that is just so hard right now. Helping Jonah get dressed is even a chore and I have given up helping with a bath for him because that would involve getting in the floor and having to get back up. I am just so ready to have my body back and to have this little miss in my arms! I told Michael this week that he should count his lucky stars that it's taken me to the very end of my pregnancy to feel like I do and to just tell him I need him to help with stuff I normally do. As you can tell....I've been lovely to be around. LOL

Please just say a prayer for a safe delivery and health baby girl on Monday! I would appreciate it!

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  1. Ah, you are in labor today! (So jealous). Praying for a quick and healthy delivery!


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