Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Haley's Nursery Reveal

Hello! I am very excited to share Haley's (mostly) completed nursery! I have some finishing touches I want to do and a couple of things I am waiting to come in (such as an art print) but other than that, I am calling her nursery DONEZO!

I have had the best time planning and executing so many ideas and inspirations for her room. It was so fun to do something bright, colorful and girly. I will share more details along with the pictures.

I am in love with how her name wall turned out. My good friend, Amanda helped me by cutting out her name with her Silhouette machine. I knew I wanted to do some embroidery hoops with fabric from the beginning. I had seen that idea and I love fabric anyways. All this fabric is from the same line as the crib bumper. I love the bright colors in it. By the way, the color of the walls is Aqua Glow by Valspar.

We ended up going with a glider (borrowed from a friend) for this corner instead of small bed. I think it will work out well and we will spend lots of time here. The crocheted blanket was a hand-made gift too and it matches her room perfectly.

My talented and crafty Aunt Judy made the subway art and picture frame. I got the shelves from Hobby Lobby. I just love having shelves to display little items.

My Mom made all these tissue pom poms to go over her changing table. It will give her something to look at while she is laying there. I love the bright colors. We have since added a dark teal/aqua one to the lower middle part too.

Here is her dresser/changing table that I bought at a big flea market. It has lots of extra storage. I think I will be adding a colorful art print just below the pom poms too.

This is Pinkie Pony, as Jonah has named it. It was a gift for Haley too. So cute!

I made this bow holder for her room too. Pretty easy and cheap!

This little white bookcase was a fun yard sale find this Spring. It will soon be filled up with books, just like her brother's is, but for now it's being used to display odd and ends.

This is one of those nineties wood shelves that I came across at our local thrift store. I just added a few coats of white chalk paint and distressed it a little. I can't believe it's already full of headbands and she isn't even here yet. I will have to think of another storage option for those.  I got the letter H from Hobby Lobby and I love that little owl that is winking. I found him at the flea market too. Jonah and I named him Winkie. LOL As you can tell he enjoys naming toys and stuffed animals right now.

Here is that little wall all decorated as you walk into her room.

This is a terrible photo but it was the best I could do. I love these frilly curtains I found online from Toys R Us of all places. The are the perfect amount of sheer and darkening. We will be adding some blinds to this window though at some point. Just gotta get the hubby to check that off his to-do list. Or break out the power tools and do it myself. LOL

These crib bumpers are my pride and joy! I just spent a lot of time working on them. I sewed them mostly by myself. My awesome Mother-in-law made all the pink cording/welting and helped me with cutting them out and measuring the cuts. She also helped by finishing up the bottom part of each bumper using her big sewing machine. I sewed all 20 of the ties and sewed the cording to the fronts and backs and then she finished the bottoms. I love how it turned out. I also made the crib skirt.

For the crib skirt I just cheated a little bit. I measured the two sides and the front of the crib and then cut rectangles from my skirt fabric and finished the edges. Then I just clipped them to the metal crib frame with office clips. The mattress lays on top of them and you can't even see them. I saw this neat idea on Pinterest and I knew I could probably handle that. I may try to have a fancier skirt made at some point, but for now, this works!

This picture shows the color of the room in it's truest hue. It's a really bright and sunny color and I love it!

A few months ago I ordered a bunch of bags of scrap fabric from Etsy shops and made up several cloth diaper burp cloths. I just love using cloth diapers for burp cloths!

A close-up of all the headbands we have already. Several were given to me and some I am borrowing from a friend that has a girl that is older and doesn't wear them anymore. Some are a little on the extreme side, so I am not sure how many of these she will end up wearing. I don't see myself being a "big bow" Mom....but I may surprise myself once she is here. LOL

Once again I am so happy with how my "vision" turned into reality. There are still a few things I want to do eventually such as add some big frames and prints of her once we have professional pictures taken. I also have an adorable art print coming that I will add to the changing table wall. I will share that once it's up. Also I would like to add a small, white table or something beside the glider. My Mom is working on spray painting a cute little vintage magazine holder to go beside the glider too. She also is working on a rag rug (made from fabric strips) for her room that is almost done too. I will share more once some of these things are added.

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  1. beautiful! I love that vintage rocking horse. New follower of your blog :)

  2. So cute, and love your bedskirt cheat! Your bookshelf has inspired me to get my daughter's book collection going. :)

  3. New follower from the link up! Such an adorable nursery for a sweet girl, it reminds me of Lilly Pulitzer! :o)

  4. Oh my goodness! Haley Rose is a lucky girl! What a beautiful nursery! Love it all!!


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