Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I have not been very good about blogging this month but it has just been so busy. I have several things I want to post about separately but I am mostly waiting on pictures and then I will write them. I guess I will start where I left off on my last post. Life was hitting pretty hard and fast with our broken vehicle and then Michael's shoulder dislocation. Well I am happy to report that he is feeling much better and can use his left shoulder/arm more and more each day. He has been doing the exercises the Dr. gave him and building it's strength back up. It still hurts and is sore to the touch but he is not complaining as much anymore and more importantly he is back to doing my heavy lifting around here. LOL

Also, my van is like new again after several dollars, time and parts put on it. Michael had to replace the transmission, motor mounts, power steering pump and a few other little things and now it drives like new. Oh and did I mention we had to put new tires on it just a couple months ago!?....whew....I hope it decides to behave for a while....we don't intend to have to buy something else.

We are in full baby-watch and baby-prep mode around here. I have been packing our various bags and have the car seat installed in the van. I am trying to finish up packing my bag (so hard to just put stuff in there). I just want to be as prepared as I can if we have to go to the hospital in the middle of the night. I have not had any signs of labor yet though. Last week at the Dr. my BP was still great and she checked me and I was only slightly dilated, but nothing to get excited about. I have another Dr. appointment tomorrow and I'm taking my bags just in case. I don't expect anything from it but just want to prepared since the hospital and Dr. office is in another town.

So anyways....back to what's been going on. Well here are some pictures from my sister's wedding that was on July 13th. I didn't take any of these and they all are phone pictures that others took and loaded to their wedding party app online.

Audrey and Jeff after saying their "I dos". She was gorgeous and so radiant!

Jonah before the ceremony. Not looking too happy but there were lots of people in that small room and he just wanted out of there. He was the ring-bearer and he did such a good job! We were so proud of him. He walked perfectly down the aisle, only stopping to see the petals that the girls were throwing, and then he went up on the stage and stood by my brother (groomsman) and was quiet the whole time.

Audrey and Jeff during their sand ceremony. Michael is standing to the right and officiated the ceremony for them. I was so proud of him and he did a great job!

This was a pretty good shot from the back of the church by someone. I am the second on the left (in purple) in the bridesmaids.  Jonah is standing in front of my brother which is the last one of the groomsmen.

 At the reception cutting and eating their cake. I loved how the decorations turned out and will share many more pictures of that once I get them from my Dad. I didn't take ANY pictures of anything and I feel awful but I was so busy with Jonah that I just didn't have time.

Then, this past weekend we celebrated Jonah's third birthday. He had a great party here at the house and I have lots of pictures but I will do a separate post on all that hopefully later this week. here is a picture of him on the morning of his birthday part. He kept asking "it time for my friends to come?" over and over. He really got into and understood so much more this year about what was going on. He also got lots of presents and totally spoiled. He has lots of new toys to play with now. It's kind of nice having his birthday in the middle of the year since some of his toys from Christmas start to lose their favor to him and so he gets a new influx of toys mid-year that tie him until Christmas. We are not big into buying toys in between holidays.

Finally, I want to also do a full post on Haley's nursery. I am just waiting on my crib bumpers to get finished by my mother-in-law. She has to finish sewing them closed for me on her big machine and it broke down last week and she had to order a special part for it. I feel bad for her because she can't do her upholstery work either until she gets it. The nursery is basically done though. My Mom made some tissue pom poms for above the changing table and we are going to get those up this week and maybe a couple of extra touches but all the big stuff is done. Here is a little sneak peak though of the wall above her crib with her name. The color is wonky in the phone pic but you get the idea. My wonderful friend, Amanda, cut her name out for me and helped me design the wording and even helped us install it. She is the sweetest! I love how it turned out!

Sorry for such a long post but I just had to get all these little details down until I can do bigger posts.

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  1. I had a labor scare on Wednesday and realized that I should really get to packing. Luckily my dr and hospital are in teh same building and only 10 minutes from the house, but I really should get organized!


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