Saturday, August 17, 2013

Haley's Newborn Photos

On Monday we met with our fantastic local photographer to get some newborn shots of Haley and a couple of her and Jonah together. Jonah didn't want to cooperate much so we probably only got this one good shot of them both but it just melts my heart!! Our photographer literally only had about 30 seconds of cooperation from Jonah before he was over it. So this just shows how talented she is.

Haley did wonderful. She had the studio very nice and warm and so we got to do some naked shots. She slept through the whole photo shoot and let us move her around pretty easily. I am dying to get these printed up big and hung on the wall!!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I feel terrible that I have been such a terrible blog friend and missed your baby girl arriving. Forgive me!
    She is gorgeous and I am so happy for you! These are some beautiful pictures of her!!

  2. Love your blog April:) Thank you for posting pics of the newborn session:) I feel so honored! This is my first time here I will def be a follower!! This is great!


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