Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Jonah's 1st Fish

This past Labor Day weekend was so nice and relaxing! On Saturday evening we went down to Land Between The Lakes to Piney Campground where my in-laws were camping for the weekend. This campground is just down the highway from our town and it's THE BEST as far as campgrounds go. Large lots with tons of shade and kids can ride bikes everywhere. We took Jonah's fishing pole along and he and his Daddy were looking forward to doing some fishing off the dock near the boat launch. Haley and I stayed back in the air-conditioned motor home (it was sooo hot!). Jonah, Michael and Poppa went down to the dock and got Jonah all fixed up with a cricket as his bait. Michael's Dad, Bill kept a watch on the line even though Jonah had a lot of slack in the line from moving around and when he saw the bobber go under he snatched the line to set the hook for Jonah. Then Jonah got to reel it in!!

We were all so proud of him and as you can tell from the pictures he is pretty proud of himself too! When anyone asks him how big his fish was he always says "it was 30 pounds, 80 pounds!" LOL He is already a true fisherman!!

Fishing for the first time!

 Proud fisherman!!

 Jonah and Poppa

Jonah and his proud Daddy!

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