Thursday, September 5, 2013

Haley - 1 Month Old!

I cannot believe that one whole month has come and gone for our sweet, precious Haley! She is just the sweetest and best baby ever!! I am biased of course. LOL Here is what she has been up to so far in her first month of life.

Weight: Not totally sure but I would guess she is past the 8 lb mark
Height: Probably still close to 20 inches long


Haley is so much better of a sleeper than Jonah ever thought about being and that has been a God-send! She goes 3 to 3.5 hours between bottles and takes about an hour to 2 hour nap between feedings. She still gets up twice in the night to eat. Once usually around midnight to 1:00 a.m. and then again around 4:30 to 5:00 in the morning. She sleeps very soundly in the night (or maybe we just pass out so deeply we don't hear her LOL). She doesn't just wake up and scream for the bottle either. She just kind of starts stirring and then we know it's time for her to eat because she never goes back to sleep once she starts stirring. I usually feed the midnight one and then Michael does the early morning one so I can rest more. It takes her a good 20 minutes to finish a bottle and then burp and sometimes she has gas so the whole process is almost an hour worth in the night. It's great to have Michael's help at night and especially as I transition back to working.

Haley is a noisy sleeper though. She grunts and wallows around in the bed for a while but she does go to sleep on her own. I don't remember Jonah being so noisy or going to sleep without our help. She does like the pacifier from time to time to get her calmed down enough for sleep. She takes it in spurts though. All in all, we are so grateful for her being a good sleeper this time around...we are older than we were with Jonah, ya know! LOL

Haley is also a great napper and she can sleep through anything. We don't make Jonah be super quiet when she is asleep and he plays with is toys (many that make noises) and it never phases her. She even slept through the lawn mower while we were outside the other day. Michael was mowing with Jonah on there with him and so we were outside and it was loud. I had her ears covered with a blanket but still. I don't know how she did that!


Haley takes 3.5 ounces at each bottle already and I am sure we will be up to 4 ounces soon. We haven't had any issues with her formula and she does not seem to have any major gas issues other than the normal stuff. She does not spit up regularly either, which I attribute a lot of that to having her adjusted twice already by our family chiropractor. Once at the hospital the night she was born and then last week he adjusted her again.


Haley is just the most content baby! We can just lay her down anywhere and she is just happy to be there and will fall asleep just about anywhere too. The only time she fusses is if she is having a gas pain and then once it's passed you can lay her back wherever she was and she is fine. She just seems to be an easy-going baby for the most part and we have gotten lots of little smiles (probably gas but we'll take it) and coos already.


Lots of firsts of course.

-First bath
-First trip to church, Roro's, Nana's, Hobby Lobby, grocery store and Dr. office
-First time sleeping in crib
-First smiles and coos
-Loosing her cord stump


Haley loves her swing and bouncy seat. She loves her bottle and pacifier. She also loves white noise like fans and the dishwasher running. She loves her bath and has never fussed once when she is getting bathed. I think she also loves her Mommy, Daddy and big brother too.


She hates being dressed and having her arms handled too much. She hates the car seat sometimes too. I think she hates it because her little head has to be squished in the newborn support and then we have to handle her arms a bit to get her latched in and she doesn't like that. Once she is comfy she will go right to sleep in the car though.

1 Month Pictures!!

We just love how Haley has rounded out our little family and can't wait for all the fun that she will continue to bring to our lives. I am hoping to post some more before I have to go back to work full time. I want to write about how Jonah has taken to being a big brother and some other happenings around our home. Stay tuned!

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