Sunday, July 13, 2014

Haley is 11 Months Old!

Wow! Time has flown so quickly that I am just now updating on Haley and she turned 11 months old July 5th. The holiday weekend through me off and then just the busyness of life. Here is what she has been up to this past month(s).

-drinking from a sippy cup with water
-can definitely say hi and bye bye and her own little voice and words
-scooting all over the place but not crawling
-wearing some 12 month clothes already


Haley went up a size in bottle nipple and also has gone up to 7 ounce bottles at each feeding. We think she hit a growth spurt because she has been eating so good lately. She still gets up in the night and eats though. She eats a good lunch of baby food but dinner is hit or miss with her. Sometimes  she is up for food and sometimes not. We still have a hard time feeding her slightly solid food because she pukes or gets choked very easily still. She hasn't learned to use those teeth she has yet, I don't think. We will just keep at it.


Still taking 2 naps a day but now they are IN THE BED!! She finally just outgrew and started hating the swing and she was just ready for the bed. She has done great and doesn't fuss now when we lay her down and walk out of the room. She rolls around and wiggles until she finds her spot and then she just zonks out. She still goes down for the night around 8-8:30 each night. We are so blessed with how well she does with sleeping! I am so glad to be done with the swings too and of course, it was much easier than I had myself all worked up for.


Scooting everywhere!! She does not crawl or even try to really. She just scoots her legs and pulls herself to whatever she wants. She is surprisingly fast. She is so curious though about plastic bags, cords, outlets, etc. so we have to watch her like a hawk and have already started baby-proofing a lot. She is going to be our kid that gets into everything, I just know! Jonah never wanted to get into drawers and pull stuff out but I think she will. She loves to take stuff out of a box or bin and just throw it. She loves to clap and hear songs or be sung to. Haley loves to watch Jonah run around and gets so tickled at him. She loves to watch Mickey, Sheriff Callie and Doc McStuffins and the Bible song videos in the van. She loves to take a bath still and plays and plays with her toys in the tub. She would stay in there for an hour, if I let her. She is just growing so much and experiencing so many new things everyday.


Still such a content baby and will play with the toys around her for several minutes before getting bored. She just lets us know when she is hurting, hungry or sleepy. She has her diva moments and doesn't like getting dressed that much or getting a diaper change. She also is not fan of grocery shopping. I think she just gets tired of the cart very quickly and wants to be down playing. Jonah used to be so content to just ride along in the cart and look around, but not her. She wants to be moving and out of it! We may try her in a stroller next time where she is facing out to see what is coming ahead.

We love our little baby girl so much and can't believe that it's almost been a year since she arrived in the world! We are getting everything ready for a sweet little birthday party to celebrate our summer, sunshiny girl!

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