Thursday, July 24, 2014

Jonah Turned 4!

Our little boy is growing up! Jonah turned 4 on July 21st!

We celebrated the Saturday before his birthday with a Mickey Mouse themed party. He has loved all things Mickey Mouse (and his friends) since around the time he turned 3. He was excited to also have a bounce house to play in at his party. It kept the kids entertained and wore them all out really well.

We had some unseasonably cool (record-setting, actually) temperatures for Jonah's birthday this year. It was in the low 80's all day and overcast on Saturday. Every year his birthday is always pretty weather but just scorching hot! So it was nice to have a break in that routine this year. My parents were kind enough to let us use their basement/carport/yard for his party this year. They have a lot more land and room for everyone to be together so it worked out well and we didn't have to clean our house either. LOL

Jonah loved jumping in the bounce house!

A friend from high school made his cake and it was not only adorable but so yummy too. It was chocolate cake with several layers of butter cream. Also, her fondant is the only kind I will eat. It is so yummy! She did an awesome job and Jonah loved it too. He said "it looks just like the clubhouse!"

The set-up in my parent's basement. They have one big open room with places to sit, play and set up tables for the food. It worked out great! My Mom was such a huge help to me with the decorations. She is so crafty and loves to create stuff. She made the banner, the centerpieces and the Mickey heads that we hung up.

We had several tables set up under my parent's big carport for eating at. It was gorgeous weather and everyone was comfortable being outside.

Jonah and Nana (my Mom) before the party got started.


I wanted to get a family picture but Haley was napping when we took this one and then once the party started I totally forgot.

Even the big kids got to jump in the bounce house!

Haley and Daddy! She wore a Mickey & Minnie dress for her brother's birthday.

Jonah and a couple of his buddies.

Briley and Neely in the bounce house.

Jonah got spoiled with so many new toys. Here he is opening one of our gifts to him, a guitar like Daddy's! He was so excited when he saw what it was. He loves to play it and use Daddy's pick.

We also got him a big boy bike. We can't believe our little guy is already 4! This past year seems to have flown right by but we are excited for all that Jonah will learn and do in the coming year.

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