Sunday, August 3, 2014

Weekend Fun

We haven't done anything very productive or out of the ordinary. We have just hung out and played and soaked up just being together and not having to run here and there and everywhere. Also, this is the tax free weekend for Tennessee so since we don't need anything from the stores or town, we decided to lay low. I am sure the stores have been crazy!

Here is most of our Saturday in pictures. I took advantage of the cool temps and snapped some pictures of the kids just enjoying the day.

"Mama take my picture."

"Take a picture of Windlifter's face."

My world!

Chewing, chewing, chewing!

Jonah loves his bike a.k.a. his motorcycle. 

Love that lop-sided grin!

Them feet are into what ever she is doing. Haha!

If it has a tag...she will find it.

Some of the decent looking roses on my rose bush. 

Mid holler

These are the days!!!

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