Friday, August 15, 2014

Haley Turns One!

We celebrated our Haley Rose turning ONE on August 9th. We had a little Pink Lemonade party at my parent's house. My Mom and I took to calling Haley our little sunshine girl when she started really smiling around 4 months old. When I started to think about her first birthday the thought of summer, sunshine and lemonade just popped into my head. I didn't see a party or anything in that theme before I thought about it. Then I jumped on Pinterest and my head about exploded....lots of people had already thought of that theme! LOL

So I got lots of ideas from Pinterest and commissioned my Mom to warm up her Cricut and make all the party decorations. We had fun with it but we mainly wanted it to be a special day celebrating our little miss priss with friends and family. It was just that and we had a great day and Haley was in a perfect mood for her party. Without further ado, here are the pictures from her big day!

My Mom made the best strawberry lemonade! It was more like punch, it was so sweet. We drank all of it!


I got this idea from Pinterest and my Dad helped and cut the wood and assembled it. I painted it. I also used in some of Haley's recent professional portraits.

Favors were lemonade mixes and bubbles for the kids.

 More of the decorations on the tables. My Mom did all of them! So cute!

I bought this old 6-pane window and knew I wanted to incorporate Haley's monthly pictures in it. My Mom took my pictures and window and turned it into this awesomeness!

Haley's adorable and delicious smash cake! It did not have the crack in it when the lady delivered it. I think somebody's little finger got into it (cough, cough Jonah). LOL

Here is out little sunshine girl right after she woke from her afternoon nap. She didn't know what to think about all these people here at her Nana's house.

We tried to get a family picture real quick before we did the cake but Jonah was not in the "mood" to be in a picture. Oh well at least we got one with the birthday girl.

Haley loved it when we sang her Happy Birthday!

Miss Priss didn't do much damage to her cake. She didn't know what to think of it....oh but she will one day. So brother helped her out.

Haley got lots of fun goodies to play with this whole next year and some cute clothes too. This a rocking chair that my in-laws gave her. It's a vintage one that will be worth a lot of money one day. But we intend to keep it for Haley to do what she wants with it one day. 

Our sweet baby is growing up on us already even though we've told her many times to just stay little. We love Haley so much and can't wait to watch how she grows and learns!!

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