Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Haley is 12 Months Old!

Our sweet baby girl is 1 whole year old! Gosh! I don't know where this last year has gone but boy has it been a fun adventure! We are preparing to celebrate our sweetie pie this weekend with a Pink Lemonade theme birthday party. She is our little Miss Sunshine!

Milestones this past month:

-Scooting on her bottom everywhere! She is into it all!
-Drinking and holding her sippy cup
-Sleeping ALL night long!
-Talking and jabbering away
-Has 6 teeth and cutting a couple more right now


As I mentioned above, Haley has finally started to consistently sleep all night long. (I hope I didn't just jinx it) She goes down around 8:30 and wakes anywhere from 6-7 each morning. She still takes 2 solid naps a day of 1-2 hours each. She can go longer and longer now between naps so that is good. Now we can actually go more places in between naps. We could not have asked for a better sleeper than our Hay Hay! Just proof that God hears all prayers (because oh yes I did pray for a better sleeper) and He answers them.


Still doing baby food and puff snacks and drinking water with food. She still takes 7 ounces every 4-5 hours. She eats lunch and dinner baby food but still doesn't eat a whole lot of quantity. She just doesn't seem to want a lot of food like some babies. She is health and growing so we can't complain. I know we will get to the bigger pieces of food in time but I am not going to rush it and go off of her. She is paying more attention when we eat so I know she will get there soon.


INTO EVERYTHING! We have officially baby-proofed the main floor (the basement is still iffy but we don't go down there much) We have to close doors and put up gates now. She is so fast with scooting and she picks up every tiny piece of anything she sees on the floor. So sweeping and vacuuming feels like all I do. She loves her toys though and has started to love touch and feel books too. They keep her entertained a lot when I need to sit and hold her (like at church) and keeps her quiet. She still chews on pretty much anything she gets her hands on. I will be glad when that phase is over! She loves for us to pretend chase her and she takes off scooting. She loves to swing outside in the baby swing and loves to be pushed around in her stroller.

We are thankful to the good Lord that she has remained healthy during her whole first year and that she is growing so beautifully. I am very biased but I think she is just the prettiest baby girl! People tell us that she is so pretty all the time but we know she is just fearfully and wonderfully made. I am so nostalgic here lately with Jonah just turning 4 and now Haley is 1. I just wish that time could stand still but it cannot. We just pray we are teaching them both how to grow in the Lord and in wisdom and knowledge that they can use throughout their lives.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Yay to sleeping consistently and being such a doll!


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