Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jonah is 8 months old!

Jonah turned 8 months old on March 21st but I'm just now getting around to doing a post. With Jonah's eighth month brings many new things. One of those being 2 new teeth. He has been working on these 2 teeth for while and I think he may be working on a third because the teething symptoms have continued on. Here is what Jonah has been up to this month.


Well sleep has taken a step back from where we were with all the teething that has been going on. Jonah has been extra clingy and it has been carrying over into the night. We get up to console him or give him his paci several times a night. So much that Michael and I take turns going in to check on him. It has been pretty exhausting but hopefully we will get a break soon. It really makes us enjoy and relish the nights that he is not hurting.


His eating schedule is pretty much the same. He eats cereal in the morning and at night still. He is still not crazy about the meals but he tolerates a couple of them. We are giving him small amounts of table food that we can easily mash up. He does great at lunch eating his fruits and vegetables. He is up to eating a full jar of veggies and sometimes a full jar of the fruit.


Jonah still plays really well with his small hand toys on the floor. He loves to jump in his jumper and will go about 15-20 minutes sometimes. The newest thing he has started doing in his walker is to actually walk around in it. Before he was push backward with both feet and rarely go forward. Now he is all over the place. He only gets in the walker in the kitchen because he can move easily and there is no way for him to get out of the room easily. He just walks until his walker runs into something and then he has to reach out and touch it. He gets himself stuck up against the lower row of cabinets and has figured out how to open the doors. He loves to open them as far as he can and let go and hear them bang back closed. The othe rmorning I stepped right outside the side door (it opens onto our carport where the vehicle is) to start the truck up and he walked himself over to the screen door so he could still see me. It was so cute! We are going to get him an outdoor swing soon so we can start having fun outsided too. Also, he can now roll off his belly and he just rolls and rolls around on the floor. It is too cute!


Each month Jonah's personality grows and grows and it is so fun to watch. The newest thing he has perfected is making the "motorboat" noise with his lips. He learned this from his Daddy. The only thing is he creates a lot of spit when he does it. He still loves to be vocal to us when he is feeling good. He has a fun and silly personality and loves to laugh and smile at people. I hope he always has such a good nature.

Here are pics for the month.

I think these monthly pictures are going to get more challenging to take LOL

Showing his little personality

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  1. Aw! Jonah is adorable!! Diggin' his hair! Boys are fun, fun!
    Cute blog too!


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