Friday, March 25, 2011

My name is April and I admit I have a problem.....

I have an addiction that I need to fess up about. I am addicted to the internet and computers and particularly facebook and blogger. I have a primal need to "check-in" on certain websites everyday and sometimes several times a day to see if anything new of my interest has popped up. The only problem is there is little thing called "work" that I also have to do during the day. Yes I know that is very inconvenient. Now so far I have had no problem getting all my work done and then some. I guess I am pretty good at managing my time.

See I work from home. Which is a blessing beyond belief that I NEVER take for granted. I am on the computer for work ALL DAY LONG. I get bored sometimes with it just being me here by myself and no one to talk to. So when I have a lull in my work...I skip over to blogger and check out the blogs I follow or I jump on FB and check for my friend's newest status updates. I guess it is like the office coffee break or smoke-break for me. At least that is the excuse I am choosing.

I try really hard not to let the computer pull me back in once I go pickup Jonah after work. He deserves my full "real" attention once he is with me. I am sad to say that there have been times when I just could not overcome my craving to check-in and would be holding him in my lap and looking on the computer at FB. I feel terrible about that so I am making a pledge now to only check-in online when he is not with me or asleep.

So with all that being said, I am going to try and pull more people over into my addiction by prividing some tempting and worthwile sites that I love and use weekly (sometimes daily) on the big ol' web. Enjoy! - where I keep all my pics and order many many things from - blog of mother to Down Syndrome child and she is a photographer too. I cry many times when I read her beautiful posts. - blog where I get wonderful card ideas that I never have time to make - blog where I get wonderful ideas about sprucing up my home which I never have time to do - all I can say is I am addicted and I like being addicted to this one. One day I will sell stuff on day - like craigslist but more local for me. You have to buy stuff fast or it's gone - place where I list books I want to get rid of and then get books I want - just joined this email club that emails you one task to do in your home each day to help you have less clutter. I have done a few and I feel good about it. - place where I store all my favorite etsy shops. If you have a couple of hours to kill you can visit it. - place that does daily giveaways of neat and often unknown online companies. There is a lot of cute kids stuff.

Happy Surfing!

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