Monday, March 14, 2011

The last couple of weeks

Well we have had an interesting and busy last couple of weeks. I am finally getting around to catching things up. I guess I will start back on Feb. 28th when Jonah had his 6 momth well-check up, at 7 months and 1 week. Here are his stats from that visit:

Weight: 18 lbs. 1 oz. (35%)
Height: 26 inches (11%)
Head circumference: 44 cm. (34%)

So he is a little low in most all areas for his age but he is very proportional so there isn't anything to be concerned with. Michael, Mom and I had a bet going of what he would weigh and I guessed 18 lbs so I won!! He also got 2 sets of shots while we there and did great. He cried out but got over it quickly with a bottle to help. However, the fun began that evening and night.

The night after his shots we had given him Tylenol for his legs, in case they were sore. He was running a low-grade fever too. Well that night was horrible. We were up for most of the night with him screaming and we couldn't figure out what was wrong. We didn't have a good thermometer (we have since bought a temporal one) but we knew he felt warm and probably had a slight fever so we kept the Tylenol coming. Well the next day he started sounding stopped-up and we knew he was getting a cold. His Nana had a cold the week before and that is probably where it came from. So needless to say the rest of that week was spent with some sleepless nights tending to him because he would want his pacifier to go to sleep but then he couldn't breath through his nose when we laid him down. We finally started putting him in his carseat on the floor so that he was upright and that helped tremendously. I hated to have to do that but we needed some rest as well and he just could not breath laying flat on his back.

Well by the weekend he was coughing and sounding like he had a lot of mucus. I had called the nurse and they had told me to just suction him out a couple of times a day and do saline drips. So that was what we did but now we could feel some congestion in his chest. Well by Sunday we felt that we need to get him seen by someone so we went to the after-hours clinic in Clarksville. It was a pain to have to drag him out in the bad (rainy) weather but it saved us from having to take off work and we got some peace of mind. The nurse practitioner we saw was great and said it was good we had brought him in before it got worse. She did rule out any ear infections and that is was just mucus and nothing more serious. She also told us to go ahead and suction him out more often. I just love when the same medical practice is not on the same page!! Oh well!

By this past weekend he was back to normal! There have been some pretty major milestones achieved in the last couple of weeks as well. He is now able to roll off his belly, going one way. He won't roll the other way yet though. He throws his arm out and blocks his way. Also, he got his first tooth through the skin this past Sunday!! We were so excited when we saw it that you would have thought we had won the lottery. We don't know when it actually broke through because he never cried out or anything. We sure were glad to see it and it makes me wonder if some of last weeks events were just part of the teething stuff that happens to babies.

In other news, Michael ran a half-marathon in Nashville on Saturday and finished in better time than last year. I haven't really accomplished anything recently other than starting to get ideas on Jonah's first birthday party and decorations. I will post some sneak peaks soon! Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks.

Playing with his toy that Uncle Kyle bought him for Christmas

Playing his his favorite jumper

This is the hair that we are dealing with....I secrety love it!!

Daddy and Jonah showing off our newly organized and stocked pantry. :)

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