Thursday, May 17, 2012

Random Thoughts & Memories

I don't have enough of anything going on to warrant it's own post so I'm just going to combine a bunch of random stuff into one. Hows that sound?

1. Our spring has been busy! Probably to some people it might seem calm, but for us we have been busy. Between weddings, showers for weddings, new babies (of friends) and other family has been crazy...but really fun. And just when it seemed like we were going to have a break come June, my brother proposed to his girlfriend of 4 months (one of my BFFs) and they set the date for August 11th of 2012!! Wow! We are so happy for both of them and I know it will be a beautiful wedding. More details to come.

2. My Mother's Day gift from Jonah and the hubby was a complete flower bed on the other side of our front yard. I also got some double knock-out roses too! Love how it all turned out.

3. We go on our beach vacation in 4 weeks!! I am stoked but I still have several things on my vacation to-do list to check off before I can feel ready to go.

4. Our little stinker is getting so big on us. Here are some pictures I took of him playing with his kitchen over the weekend. I love him to pieces.

5. I am too blessed to be stressed!!

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