Friday, April 5, 2013

On Turning 30

Today is my 30th birthday. As you read this I am off to the big city (Nashville) with my hubby to eat at The Cheesecake Factory (one of my personal goals before 30-so getting it in right on the day-yes I know. What a goal! LOL) for the first time and doing a little shopping and just overall treating myself.

As I turn 30 I just cannot help but think of how different a person I am than when I started this decade at the age of 20. I KNOW who I am now. I didn't know who I was at 20. So as I look back over this decade I am grateful for the years (good and bad) and for the lessons learned that made me who I AM. I think I finally found myself and who I am to God and to all the people in my life.

I am God's child and saved by His grace first and foremost. I understand God's love for me so much more now than at 20, or even probably 25. I understand what it takes to have a relationship with God and not just what it takes to be a Christian.

I am a wife to Michael. I know what my role is as his wife. I know more now than ever who he is and who God made him to be. I understand what a marriage is supposed to be, more than I did back when I was 21 and reciting my vows to him. I understand more about what it takes (hard work among other things) to keep your marriage strong. I recognize when I am pushing his buttons and I try not to do that. We communicate better, we love better and work together so much better than we ever have before.

I am a mother to Jonah now. I have a son. I have another life that depends on me. I understand more deeply how God loves me because of how deeply I love my son. I teach him how to operate in this world. I show him how a mother and wife should be in the home. I love and cuddle him and keep him safe. I put someone else's needs and wants ahead of mine.

I feel like I am a better daughter, sister and friend now than I was at 20. I know who I need to be to keep those relationships strong. I also know who my true friends are.

I encourage people more at 30.

I am more compassionate at 30.

I am more kind at 30.

I am more focused at 30.

I am more selfless at 30.

I am me at 30.

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  1. Happy birthday! I kind of love being 30!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy the Cheesecake Factory. I can't wait to hear what cheesecake you got!!

  3. Happy Birthday! I turn 30 in October and look forward to reflecting on my journey through my 20s as well. Hope your day is wonderful!


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