Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Our Easter Festivities 2013

We celebrated Easter all week long it seems.

We started Wednesday with our church's Easter egg hunt and meal. We always do it the Wed. before so that people can get to their family gatherings after our church service ends. We don't do a sunrise service or anything like that either.

There were over 200 eggs for small group of kids and this was just the preschool section.

Jonah definitely knew what he was doing this year and just went right to work picking up eggs.

He ended up having the most eggs in his age group, but I think it was just because he had the biggest basket. LOL

Jonah and his pal Neely Jane. Love her little coat.

Checking out what was inside all his eggs.

Neely Jane, Anna and Jonah. I grew up with both of their parents and it's so fun to see our kids running around together now.

The next day, Thursday, Nana and Jonah went to the library's little egg hunt and Easter party they have for the preschool story time group. He had lots more fun but there were more kids at that one. He got to see the Easter bunny but Nana said he didn't get to close and he just whispered "happy Easter" to the bunny. LOL

Standing by the library Easter egg tree.

Jonah and Neely are big buddies at library.

Then on Thursday night we dyed a few eggs at our house. It was our first time to do it and I must say that egg dying has come a long way. It was really easy. Maybe next year we will tackle decorating a few.

We just hung out at home all day on Saturday and relaxed. Then on Sunday morning we went to see what the Easter bunny had brought Jonah!

He got a bat and tee, mitt and glove, books, squirt gun, sidewalk chalk and some candy.

All in all, we had a wonderful Easter. It is fast becoming my favorite holiday. The best part of all was on Sunday night after we did our nightly prayers with Jonah. I asked him what he learned about Jesus in class at church that morning. He thought for a minute and then he said "He alive. He roll the stone away." Gracious that boy makes me so proud to be his Mama!! I hope you had a wonderful Easter too.

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  1. I was surprised how easy the egg dying was too! It was way less messy than I thought it would be. I'm so glad you guys had a good Easter!


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