Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Our Long Weekend

So grateful to have had a long weekend! This was the weekend of "getting stuff done" around here. We kicked off the weekend Friday night with an impromptu date night. My parents kept Jonah overnight and we headed to town to eat at our favorite little Italian restaurant in Paris (Paris, TN that is). We had a scrumptious meal and dessert and then we hit the stores. I had to get a gift for my sister's upcoming Bridal Lingerie shower (that I'm helping host) and Michael needed new tennis shoes. Those that don't know him, well lets just say, he is VERY picky and wishy washy with picking out shoes. He is very particular so that one took a good hour to attend to. Grateful we didn't have to entertain a toddler while we did that job.

Lastly we headed to Lowe's to get our baseboards for the office remodel and paint and supplies for Haley's nursery. I am so excited to get her nursery painted so we can start decorating and getting ready for her. This is the paint color we(I) chose. It's called Aqua Glow by Valspar.

So Saturday morning kicked off early with Michael cutting and installing the baseboards for the new office and then painting them and installing our new light fixture. I will share more pictures of all this once it's mostly done.

Jonah and I played all morning long and he was in the best mood. I god some crafting done too. I made a bow holder for Haley and finished up painting and distressing a wooden shelf for her nursery. The pictures aren't great because they are phone ones taken in our basement (where my craft room is). I bought that shelf at our local thrift store for $4 and painted it with chalk paint. I also worked on sewing some on her bedding.

Jonah loves playing in our vehicles rather than any of his hundreds of toys. :)

Sunday was church and just hanging out at home. Finally watched The Lucky One and I have to say it was just ok. I had already read the book and it did follow closely with the book but it just didn't live up to what I had imagined in my head and there was way too much sex scenes for my taste. The chemistry was a little off in my opinion. My favorite Nicolas Sparks book/movies are Dear John and The Notebook. Maybe because I never read those ones before watching the movie??

Monday Jonah and I hung out at home and then met with my sister to take lunch down to our local park for a picnic. Jonah loved having a picnic down by the river and watching all the boats going by. We finished off the day with a get-together at my Granny's house and grilling.

It was a lovely and relaxing, yet productive weekend! So thankful for my hard-working hubby and all he accomplished for us over the weekend!

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  1. I cannot wait to see her room. I love that paint color! And, of course, the shelf is perfect. I could use some of your craftiness over here!!!

    Glad y'all got a date night and that your hubby found some shoes (HA! That had me laughing that he is so picky. Men are so funny!)


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