Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spring Into Summer Hutch

Edited to Add: I am linking up with Katie for her Table Setting link party. I don't have a formal dining room so I decided to link up my hutch that I decorate for holidays and occasions. You could use ideas for your own dining room if you have a hutch and table. 

Hello all! I have been at it again! I am still loving to update my white hutch for each season. So far I've done Halloween, Valentines, Easter and now Spring/Summer. You can also go to this post to see how I transformed this $25 hutch with paint.

I wanted to add some decor that I could add to or take away from as we progress into Summer, so that I wouldn't have to totally re-think it over the next few months. I may attempt a Fourth of July one...or I might not. We will see. It sure is fun for this crazy gal though. As I've mentioned before, this is the only spot in my home that I decorate for the seasons and I like to keep it contained to one space. I did not set out to go with a flowers theme and a blue, yellow and green color scheme...but that's what ended up happening and now I love it. All the flowers are fake, of course, but man fake flowers sure have come a long way! I will list where I got everything at the end of the post.

Lots of flowers...maybe too many but I love it for Spring.

Simple lemons and limes for added color. Free printable link at bottom.

Loving the vintage Ball jars I snagged and that little candle holder.

My sister gave me this frame for my birthday and I finally got a picture in it.


Little birdies hanging out at the top. they actually hold tea-light candles. Jonah named the green one Grass and the blue one Sky.

Close up of one of the jars.

There's SKY.

 I feel like something is needed in the white space around my white frame with the printable. Maybe some scrapbook paper along the back of the hutch? I am not sure but open to suggestions.

Source List:

-Free Spring Printable from HERE

-Vintage Ball jars from Fred's store. I found them in the canning section and I've seen them in some other stores too. They come in a pack of 6 for around $10.

-Floral frame was a gift from my sister but it came from the Threshold line at Target.

-Most flowers came from Dollar General Store

-I made the metal vase and flowers bouquet a couple of years ago. I think it was all from Hobby Lobby.

-Plates and green lantern from Big Lots

-Glass vases from Dollar General.

-Blue and green ceramic birds from Fred's also.

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  1. I LOVE this! This is giving me major inspiration to update my Hutch for summer! I refinished a very similar hutch last year, and I love it...I love yours! I am pinning for future reference!

    Thanks for linking up with Domestic Superhero today!

  2. You have some major talent, lady!!! I'm not really sure this would fit the overall theme, but a little pendant banner would be cute in that blank space! Even if you don't do anything it really does look great without!!!


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