Thursday, June 13, 2013

Haley's Baby Shower

This past Sunday afternoon some of my good friends gave us a baby shower for Haley. It was so nice and we were blessed with so many things we needed and lots of things that were just cute. I just wanted to share some of the pictures of the decorations. My friends really went above and beyond for me and we had a great time.

The adorable cake and it was so yummy too! It looks almost identical to the owls on the invitations they sent out.

My good friend, Amanda, had this banner made and we can reuse it at her first birthday if we want to. Such a cute idea!

The tables were decorated so cute with a basket in the center and favorite children's books.

The shower was held in the basement of one of the bank's in our little town. It was a great space to have it at.

The sign in table.

Jonah and Michael stopped by before the shower got started and Jonah had to try out one of Haley's gifts. :)

Here I am....31 weeks along and definitely looking it! LOL

My wonderful friends and family that came. This was a little before we got started and few more came in.

At the sign-in table they had a place where everyone could guess the birthday. I really hope the person that guessed August 14th is wrong. LOL

The guestbook was such a neat idea too. They had everyone sign in a box on the inside cover of the book "Momma, Will You?" by Dori Chaconas. Such a sweet book and something we can keep forever.

Then I started opening gifts. This is part of the gift my Mom gave Haley. These are teeny tiny little slippers that go with the outfit below. The outfit is newborn size so I can't wait to put her in it for her first church outing...hopefully!!

This is the quilt that my mother-in-law made for Haley and I just love it. It's nice and light-weight and so soft. It matches her room colors too.

This is part of the gift that the hostesses gave me. Such a pretty smocked top with bloomers that matched.

As you can see we really racked up and got so many beautiful outfits and other things we needed. It's funny that we really didn't get hardly any diapers (not complaining at all!). I think everyone just loves to buy little girl clothes. LOL

The hostesses and I. L-R: my good friend Amanda, her MIL Cindy, me and Cindy's daughter, Shana.These ladies are the super shower decorators at our church. They could be professionals.

My Mom, me and my Mother-In-Law, Dee.

My Sister-In-Law, Mandy, my Mom, me and my sister, Audrey

Two of my Grandmothers and me.

I am so appreciative of the shower and now I just have to get her room all ready for her. We got the crib in this week (My Granny in the dark blue bought for us) and the room is painted. Now I just have decorate it and finish bedding. The fun part!!

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  1. It looks like such a nice baby shower! And yay for getting such cute stuff. Your little girl will be dressed like a little doll! :)

  2. What a beautiful shower! That cake is amazing. And I agree with you- hope the person who wants you that overdue is wrong ;)

  3. Adorable! Love the pink owl theme! Do you know how they made the banner?

  4. Love this shower!! Love the guess the date with the stamps and the treat table!! What a wonderful shower for your baby girl!! You got some great things! You were beautiful pregnant!! Love it! Thanks for linking up!

  5. LOVELOVELOVE the stamp idea for the arrival guesses! Will definitely do that for the next shower I throw!:)
    Stopping by from :)

  6. This is so amazing! loved the pictures. The guess game looks cute, I will use it for my sister’s baby shower. I have already shortlisted some of the New York venues for the party, and this post gave me some major ideas for a perfect baby shower.


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