Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sister's Wedding Shower {Burlap, Sunflowers & Purple}

This will be my last shower post for a while. LOL Next I will be posting pictures of the wedding, birthdays and then little Miss Haley!

Our church hosted a wedding shower for my sister, Audrey and her fiance, Jeff this past Sunday. I took a few pictures of the decorations before everyone arrived. Their wedding colors are yellow and purple with sunflowers being the flowers for the wedding. Audrey has ALWAYS loved the color purple for as long as I can remember. I think it's so sweet that she is using it as her wedding color. The ladies in our church do an outstanding job of decorating our fellowship hall each time we host a shower. This was Audrey and Jeff's one big wedding shower and man did they get a lot of stuff. It was seriously the largest shower (as far as people and gifts) that I can ever remember and that is including my own showers held there. It was amazing and so nice for them to get so many nice things to start their life together. Neither has ever set up a house all on their own (they both either lived with family or with roommates) and I think they got every kitchen utensil and gadget known to man! LOL

Here is the happy couple. Sorry my picture is a little dark. Loved Audrey's dress and that Jeff matched her. One of the few times we've had the groom stay for the whole shower. He was pretty brave to stay with that room full of women. LOL

The sign in table. They had a guest book made with their engagement pictures. They also had their family Bible that everyone could go in and highlight their favorite verse and add any notes to the side.

There were engagement pictures scattered along the tables.

The sunflower centerpieces.

This table had several items for us all to do. LOL They had a lot of cute ideas they wanted to mark the occasion. Everyone wrote wedding advice or wishes on little strips of paper that will be rolled up and put in clear ornaments for their first Christmas tree. Then there was a thumbprint heart for everyone to add their print too. They will hang this up in their first home. They also had us all share a favorite recipe for Audrey's collection.

This was not even half of what all they opened. All three tables were completely covered in gifts at the end of the shower. :)

The whole set-up. (I hate our red carpet!)

The bulletin board all decorated.

The beautiful and delicious cake and cupcakes. There were three flavors of cake: strawberry, chocolate and banana with peanut butter frosting. Yummy!

Love that each cupcake looked like a sunflower. I am sure it was lots of hard work!

Now we are just counting down the days until the big wedding day. I can't believe my little sister is getting married and moving off to Nashville. Very bittersweet time for our family!

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  1. Cool! Love those sunflower cupcakes and their sign in table! Man I wish I was better at throwing cool parties myself!! :))

  2. I am still blown away! It was an amazing shower!


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