Thursday, June 27, 2013

Big Brother & Birthday Prep

Hello! I haven't posted twice in a week in a long time but I thought I would pop in and do a quick update on Jonah.

We've been prepping Jonah on being a big brother gradually since we found out we were having a girl. With about 6 weeks left to go we are talking more and more about his upcoming role. So far he has been taking it in stride and he enjoys talking about Haley (he always says Haley Rose). So far these are the cute and memorable things he's been doing in regards to his soon-to-be little sister.

  • He always calls her by both names i.e. Haley Rose rather than just Haley. Who knows....that may stick even though we initially intend to just call her Haley.
  • We talk about babies and he always says "babies cry" like it's just a matter of fact and no big deal. We will see what he says when he actually experiences in real life. LOL We do tell him that babies can't talk like he can and they have to cry to tell us what they want. He seems to understand this somewhat.
  • We talk about all the things he will get to help show her how to eating and walking.
  • He likes to show my belly his toys and new things he finds like he is showing them to Haley. I love that and think it's too sweet!
  • He will hug on my belly especially when I am sitting down and gives it kisses too. :)
  • He loves to hang out in her room right now and see all her stuff. He calls it Haley's room now. At one time there was confusion on what the room was called because we always called it the office but now we have another room that is the office. He has finally caught on now though.
  • Sometimes when we are talking about Haley between the three of us, Jonah will ask her a question (towards my belly) like "You ok Haley Rose?" It's so cute!!
  • The one time we talked to him about being a protector for Haley we asked him if was going to help take care of her and protect her from getting hurt and he immediately answered enthusiastically "YES!"
  • When someone we know asks him about being a big brother he sometimes says "her name is Haley Rose" like "don't you know that?!" 
I am sure there are more but that is mostly what I can remember right now. I think he is as ready as he can possibly be for his little sister to arrive. We just hope and pray that he will love her and that he will know how much we love him just as much! It will be a big transition but I think he will rock it just like he has everything else. I honestly think he'll have a harder time sharing his grandparents and other relatives more than us. LOL

Here is a little scrapbook page I put together to go in his yearly book that I do before each birthday.

Jonah will turn the big 3 on July 21st and so we are gearing up to celebrate that (right after my sister's wedding). This year we are doing a construction theme because he loves all the big construction vehicles and knows all their names. He loves watching those Mighty Machine DVDs and loves playing with his Daddy's tools and watching big trucks work. He always points out construction vehicles we see along the road too. He is really excited about it!

It has been pretty easy to put together decoration, food and cake ideas too. We are planning to have the party here the Saturday before his actual birthday. It will be hot and outside but we have the pool and a sprinkler and we are going to have it pretty early in the day too. Hopefully we won't all have a heat stroke. LOL

Here is the little invitation I whipped up. I love how it turned out. Getting excited to finish up the planning and buy his gifts.

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