Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Haley is 4 Months Old!

Our little Haley-bug turned 4 months old on December 5th! She has been a busy little girl and doing well. We went for her well-checkup today so I have all her stats now.

Weight: 12.9 lbs (16%)
Height: 23.5 inches (10%)
Head Size: 41.5 cm (69%)

Other Stats:
Clothes: wearing 3 months and they are good an snug. Also wearing some 6 month sleepers.
Diapers: wearing size 1 diapers still but will be out of those soon.

We did not get to see our regular pediatrician this time because we had to cancel due to the weather last week. So I don't feel like I have a good understanding of how on-track she is weight and height size. The pediatrician we saw basically said we needed to up her formula amounts even though I know she will only eat what she wants to eat. She is still up in weight so that is what I'm happy about. Our normal pediatrician usually says there is no worry because at least she is proportionate. I guess we will just have to see how she does from this appointment to her next one with our Dr.

The Dr. we saw did say she was right on track with all her developmental stuff. So that is great!

Here is our sweet girl at 4 months!

Look at those sweet leg rolls. I don't think she is starving! LOL

Her hair looks really light in this picture but I think it was just the lighting. It still looks dark brown to me.

Loves snacking on those hands!


Haley is still sleeping in her swing and I was relieved to hear from the pediatrician that it's ok for her to do that. We know that once she gains more weight she will need to transition to her crib. She usually goes down around 7:00 and sleeps until around 2-3 am. Then takes a bottle and goes right back to sleep until usually 6:00 am. We will take it! We are still swaddling her but she is getting stronger and able to break out pretty well. She also takes around 3 and sometimes 4 naps a day. Usually two longer ones around 2 hours long and then a late afternoon one for about an hour or so.


Haley's eating has been a little off this past week or so but I think it is due to her having a tiny cold and some congestion in her nose. She normally will take 4.5-5 ounces every 4 hours. She is still doing pretty good with taking her bottle but a lot of times once she stops for a burp she won't take it back. This is the reason that I think her weight isn't as much as it should be. But she will still go 4 hours so I am not sure what to do on that. I say she will eat how much she wants and some days/weeks she wants more and some not so much.


Haley loves to play with her hands the most. She licks on them and will try sometimes to stick her whole fist in her mouth! She also has just found her feet this week. She loves to grab her left one with her left hand the best. She is also batting at all her toys on her play mat and will even grab a hold of one of them and just hang on for a while. LOL She also loves to watch Jonah run all over the place and her first cackle was at him. He keeps her pretty entertained. She also still loves to watch the TV when it's on. Once she hears it she will crane that neck to see it. LOL She also loves to sit straight up and will use her belly muscles to pull herself to sitting up when she is on my lap. She has really good head control too.


Haley is a mostly content baby. She seems to just go along with the flow unless she is getting close to meal time or nap time. Then she gets cranky but that's to be expected. She still can only go about 2 hours of awake time before she is really tired. She rubs that nose and eyes too which is so sweet and something that Jonah never did. She is a smiley baby and will smile and anyone who talks to her. She still is calmed the best by white noise and will usually hush her crying once you turn something like that on.

I can't believe Haley is 1/3rd of the way to being 1! Love our sweet angel-baby!

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  1. Oh my, time flies!!! She is truly such a doll baby!!!

  2. She is too cute for her own good! :)


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