Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Santa....I Can Explain!

Our wonderful and amazing local photographer is good friends with Santa Claus so she invited some of her clients to come see him at her studio and get some pictures taken. We jumped at the chance to not have to wait in a long line at the mall with two little ones. She had an adorable backdrop for Santa and Jonah and Haley did great! Christy posted some of the outtakes on her Facebook page this past week and I just had to share the one from our session.

Jonah was pointing at Haley but I'm not sure what he was saying about her. I love Santa's expression here to. Jonah didn't want to sit in Santa's lap but at least he didn't cry so I consider it a success.

Funny story is this Santa is actually the father of one of my childhood friends and he is the biggest jokester around. My childhod friend is also my hair stylist and she dyed his beard and eyebrows white so he could be Santa. It turned out great!

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