Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jonah is 2 months old!!

Jonah is two months old today and growing like a weed! Here are some pictures from the past month.
The closest I could get to catching a smile

In his swing which he loves mainly in the mornings

And now here's a comparison from his 1 month picture. Can't believe how much he has grown!!

He is really starting to fill out those newborn onesies. Maybe we are getting closer to wearing all the TONS of 0-3 month outfits he has that are about to go out of season!! Oh well!!

At 2 months Jonah likes:

-he likes to be in his swing in the morning and he will go to sleep easily in it while I am taking a shower and getting ready. I think the noises of the morning activities make him sleepy like my hairdryer and such.

-he likes to be held when he is tired and gets pretty angry if you try to ignore him

-he likes sleeping in his crib and has been doing that pretty consistently, although we have to go in and check on him a couple times between night feedings

-he likes his paci when he is tired and it helps him settle down for naps but when he is hungry he wants nothing to do with it

-he likes to be outside and he gets so still and calm as soon as you go out the door...of course his Daddy loves this fact about him :)

-he likes to ride in the vehicle most of the time and usually gets relaxed or sleeps even on short trips.

-he likes going to Church so far and has slept through it most of the time

-he loves his Nana and Papa and loves going to their house everyday while Mommy works

At 2 months Jonah does NOT like:

-he really is a happy baby for the most part and the only thing he doesn't like to do is sleep very much or for very long. He is still only sleeping about 2-3 hours stretches at night which is pretty exhausting for us but we know if will get better.

We love watching our little man grow and are so proud of him!!

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