Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What's in a name?

A few times I have got the question, "why did you all choose the name Jonah?". So I thought I would answer it here for anyone who might be curious...and just to document for my own personal use.

When Michael and I were throwing name ideas around we both wanted something that was a little unique...but not totally off-the-wall. We both wanted to use a Biblical name but not one of the standards like Matthew, John or Luke. One day I said, "what about Jonah?" and Michael thought for a moment and agreed that he liked it. Just that alone was a major achievement because most of the names I suggested he would dismiss instantly. He had already mentioned that he wanted to use the family name Campbell from his paternal grandmother's maiden name. So we decided on Jonah Campbell!

Now that he is here I think the name suits him perfectly!

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