Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I thought I would jump in and do one of these Wednesday posts that I've been seeing around on some other blogs I follow. I may just do it this one time or I may keep it up....we will see.


So here is what I'm digging right now.....warning there is a little bit of bargain shopping bragging about to happen here....just go with it!

1.) I am sooo excited that the Land O Lakes hot cocoa is back on the shelves of my favorite stores!! They only put it out around the holidays so I stock up big time when they do. Michael and I both love to add them to our morning cup of coffee!! We don't even drink them as regular hot cocoa usually. We found them last year at our Sam's Club in bulk!! We are stocking up on them right now! It is the BEST hot cocoa you will ever taste. It is pretty pricey if you buy the singles (50 cents - $1)....but so worth it! Another thing I like to do is add a couple packs to my Christmas gifts as little add-ons because everyone just raves over them...and I always give them out to my mailman because they are easy to put in the mailbox.

2:) I love thrift shopping and consignment shopping. I just love when I have time to really thrift shop at my favorite local stores. I love digging through all the crappy stuff to find the hidden jems! This past Monday I had taken off work (was off Friday for Veteran's Day too :)) and I took Jonah to Nana's like usual and then I headed out for my all-day shopping day by myself. I have not had one of those days in several months and it was time for one! I could just dig and dig and my efforts did not go wasted on Monday. I hit the bedding jackpot at our local Goodwill store when I scored this little number for $40!!! (normally $100 at Target)

It is the comforter from the Simply Shabby Shic collection that is at Target right now. I have been wanting to change our bedding out for a while now (currently dark earth tones) to something lighter and more soothing. When I saw this hanging on the back row with the other comforters I knew it was calling my name! The icing on the cake is when I browsed the pillow section and found this as well....for $4!!! (part of the collection too)

I also scored a bed skirt that matches but is not the same brand for $4 too. So now all I have to do is finish painting our matching nightstands white (another thrift find a few months ago) and spray paint some old frames and find cheap new curtains......

Here is what I'm thinking on some frames.

3:) The final thing I'm loving these days is an old love that will never die.....I love Shutterfly. I've said it before on here but I'll say it again....they are a great company for picture needs! I have never been disappointed with anything I've ordered and it's great quality. I especially love that they are always running some kind of sale and offering stuff for free. Currently I have 75 free prints to use along with 20 free holiday cards! Seriously you have to check them out!


  1. I order all of my home and office calendars from Shuttefly and I LOVE it! I spend way too much time on there playing around with pictures but they always have such great deals.

  2. I love the bedding, pillow and the frames! Very pretty!


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