Thursday, August 30, 2012


Wow! It is September already! Where has this year gone to? We have had such a busy summer that it is so nice to look at the month of September and not see anything planned. I am sure we will find things to fill our time and fun stuff to do but it's nice to not have any big committments of our time.

I love how the weather is giving us a break lately. The mornings and afternoons are mild and we still get some warm weather during the day. It has been nice to be able to play outside some in the afternoons instead of running inside because of the heat. In fact we alraedy have some leaves falling in our yard. This maple tree in our front yard always starts turning first. I love to see the colors but I hate that leaves are already circling around the yard and carport. I loathe having to rake leaves or sweep them off the carport.

This little guy has had a cold this week. Boo! I just had a touch of one and now Michael has a bad cold. Jonah is starting to feel better though. Lately he has been getting so picky about what he eats. Things that he used to really like (chicken nuggets) are like pulling teeth to get him to eat now. Of course you can't force them to eat but sometimes I feel like trying! LOL! At least he still LOVES any and all fruit. He used to love broccoli with cheese and seasoned green beans but lately he won't touch them. I've tried telling him he has to eat them to get big and strong like Dada. He likes that idea but I think he's figured out it's just a ploy to get him to eat. Sometimes we try having Michael take a bite and then Jonah has to take a bite. It works sometimes too. I guess he won't starve and at least he loves his breakfast oatmeal still. It could be worse I guess. Here he is eating his end-of-the-meal cracker. He loves plain saltine crackers.

This boy cannot get enough of his Daddy! He wants to be all up in whatever Michael is doing. I think it is too cute and I'm happy to let him tag along when Michael is outside working. One day in the distant future he will tag along with Daddy and Mommy will get to hang back and relax. Hahaha!

Jonah thought Dada needed help hooking the boat to the truck.

Jonah thinks he is big stuff when he is out in the shed with Daddy. He has to act like he has jobs to do too. And he loves to play on the lawnmower. One day buddy you will be mowing the lawn. LOL!

In other news, I have a few house DIY things I'm hoping (key word) to get done this Fall. I have had a two-piece, solid wood hutch waiting to be painted in the basement. I have had no time to work on it this summer and it's just been too hot to paint outside anyways. I am hoping to get it sanded and primed soon to the painting can happen. I bought the thing for just $25 so I really want to make it work for us.

I also want to work on converting our extra room upstairs (used as a mudroom now) into my office and move my current office out of our third bedroom. Michael and I need it to be an office for both of us since he has taken on a big job within our church that requires some computer work. We've got to move several things out of the room and pull up linoleum to see if we can refinish the hardwood underneath. We also have to paint the room. It's a big goal so we will see if we can do it.

Always something to do around here!


  1. Your little guy is SO SO SO cute!! How old is he? He looks to be the same size as my 21 month old!

    1. Thank you! He is 25 months old now but he is small guy. So they probably are about the same size.

  2. He is so adorable April! I love that picture of his big smile eating his cracker. Precious!
    Don't you love watching little boys with their Daddies. My boys could follow Cody around all day.
    We are such blessed ladies to have such great hubbies for our boys to follow!


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