Friday, August 31, 2012

More Digital Pages

I finally tried my hand at making my own scrapbook pages and not use any sort of template. I do have to admit that these page ideas did not just come right out of my head. I scrap-lifted them from some layout idea pages that I had cut out from my scrapbooking magazines. I finally got around to trying some of them out!

I just feel so un-creative most of the time. I always want to try to copy (for lack of a better word) what other creative people have done. I use my own different elements and colors but I love the ideas that can be found in magazines and of course pinterest. Maybe one day I will be as creative as all these lovely people that I copy. LOL

Here are the inspiration pages from my magazine. I love single picture layouts because they are easy to crank out.

I loved the simple layout and the large title in the middle and the journaling.

I loved the super simple layout and I knew I already had one of those scalloped journal boxes. This is also a free set of papers that all coordinated together. I got them from DHD.

And here are my versions!

I used the exact layout but added extra embellishments. I loved the journaling they did. Pretty much sums up all the years. LOL

Love the colors in this one. Just trying to keep it simple.

As much as I love the simplicity of a template, it is nice to try to do my own thing every now and then. I plan to do more of that now that I've done a couple.

P.S. I know there is a typo on my layouts and I have fixed them. LOL Proof I'm not perfect.

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  1. Those are great! I'm a replicator, too! I don't have the energy or attention to be creative!!!

    1. Thanks Kelli! I don't have the energy either LOL!


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