Tuesday, September 4, 2012

More Pages From Old Magazine Ideas

I knocked out two more scrapbook pages using old magazine cut-outs from my old Simple Scrapbooks editions. I miss that magazine a lot, by the way. The magazines that are out now are still great but they don't have the simple aspect to them that always drew me to Simple.

Anyways, here is the picture I took of my two layout ideas. Love that they are minimal photos and really almost look like one photo on the one with three bunched together. I also loved the journaling and themes of each of the inspiration pages, so you will see I used those in mine too.

And here are my pages. I used a kit from My Memoires for this one that is sadly no longer available for purchase. It has a lot of really bright colored embellishments. So cute for kid pages and summer pages.

I have been wanting to do a page about Michael for a while but could not come up with anything on my own. So I was so happy I found that idea page for Dads. It would be great to use for sisters, mothers, and children too.

Hope you enjoy them and get some ideas too! Anyone else like copying magazine ideas as much as me?

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