Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday {9.5.12}

Yay for a 4 day work week! Sure it feels like Tuesday, but it's actually Wednesday!

I am loving lots of stuff right now. Here are few of them.

I am loving that I FINALLY got started on this furniture painting project. I had been spinning my wheels trying to decide what to do and finally got going. The backstory is that I bought this gigantic wood hutch at a yard sale for $25 and the hubs had to haul it home for me. To say it was heavy is an understatement. I got it so cheap because it had been sitting on someone's front porch for 2 years. Mind you, the porch was very deep and it had been completely covered from the elements, but still it was in rough shape. It was filthy too with pollen dust and dead bugs in it. But I cleaned it all up.

Michael and I had a date night last Friday and we ended up eating in downtown Clarksville. I happened to remember a little home decorating shop close by and poppped in. Just so happened they had the whole line of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I had already been researching it some and new that you could use it without sanding and priming. So after talking with the lovely shop keeper I decided to spring for it and brought the Pure White color home with me. I got started painting on Monday morning and got the whole bottom part done. I love this paint!!!

Here is what it looks like now but I still have to wax it and paint the top part of the hutch. But what a difference!

I was amazed at how much it covered of the dark wood with just the first coat. It is the most forgiving paint I've ever used. I only had drips a couple of times. It is super thick but it coats so well. The second coat made all the difference. I can't wait until this piece is all done. I plan to put it up in our living room to use as additional storage and to display seasonal items.

Also, I am loving the new Fall catalog from Thirty-One! I want to host a party this time (I never have) so I can get some good stuff and buy Christmas presents.

I am also loving my wonderful hubby that listens to all my ideas about the house and lets me buy expensive paint. LOL I love my little stinker too! He is still coughing and has this stupid ol' cold. But he is happy as ever! Love my guys to pieces!


  1. Girl, I have been dying to use that Annie Sloan paint!!! Now I just need to buy something to paint and magically get more room in my house to put said purchase! Ha! I could do the dresser in Cade's room since it is old and in dire need of a new finish, but I can't decide which color I would want to do. I love colored furniture in a room, but worry that as soon as I do all that, I'll get to thinking I need to change the whole room decor and it won't match what I want to change it to!

    Isnt the new Thirty-One catalog great!!! I have my first party tomorrow and am so excited!!! Do you have a local 31 consultant?

    1. Oops I replied in the comment below.

  2. Well you definitely need to buy the paint and just paint something. Seriously I would not be afraid of painting over plastic with this stuff. I have not done the waxing part yet and I am little afraid of it but I am researching that part. I will let you know how it goes. I do have several local consultants so I just have to email one of them. I think I may just do a catalog order. I want that casserole carrier!!

  3. i keep hearing about chalk paint. i want to give it a try.


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