Saturday, September 22, 2012

More Fall At My Home

The pumpkin vendors were out on the side of the road and the Minninite's had their colorful mums for sale in town. So Jonah and I headed out this morning to get a family of pumpkins (and one for puppy too) and some mums.

Once we got home and I got Jonah down for a nap it was time to get busy. I wrapped the plastic mum containers in some burlap I had and tied them up. I got just one big pumpkin for now and dragged out this old crate I've been hanging on to.

It is definitely starting to look more "fallish" around here now. Next I have to start on the inside of the house.

Today has been just gorgeous outside. Not too cool and not too hot with a nice breeze. Anyone else love mums as much as me? They are so colorful and hardy.

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