Monday, September 24, 2012

If only....

If only....

toys picked themselves up off the floor

people were more respectful with their words

the temps would stay just like this forever

little boys would continue to love carrying their little blue Bible everywhere they go

I had my own personal photographer to capture all of life's fleeting moments

calories didn't count when you made something from scratch that was so filling and good

people respected my personal space when checking out at the grocery store

they made a pill that would prevent littles from ever getting big

friends never posted ugly content on facebook.....I guess it's called de-friending LOL

pregnancy made you feel weightless (not that I am preggo :))

Wal-Mart employees were actually availble to help you find stuff and knew where it was

toddlers were eloquent speakers and could tell you exactly what their deal is

every weekend was full of family time

all things with motors would work at the same time at our house

someone would come clean my pool and cover it for the winter.....we've had zero time to

the leaves would fall and then scatter themselves into the woods for us

I could always remember that God loves me just the way I am....He makes no conditions

I could remember that everyone with kids once had a 2 year old and they get it

I could sear the image of Jonah just as he is today into my memory forever

I cooked everything on my pinterest board and crafted everything too

I wasn't so hard on myself

I could remember every moment how blessed I am

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