Monday, September 17, 2012

Show & Tell: High School Memories

Linking up again for Show & Tell Monday!! It's fun so you should join too! This time we are talking about High School memories.

1. Tell us what kind of student you were in high school {popular, nerd, sport obsessed, choir, etc}

Hmmm.....I am not sure I fit neatly into a certain category LOL. I played softball (pitcher) all through HS so I definitely was into that a lot. I also was in the top 10% of my senior class so I was sort of nerdy too. I knew pretty much everyone in my class (around 100) so I guess you could say I was popular, in that I knew them and they knew me. LOL I was very involved in clubs (Future Business Professionals club, FHA, prom committee,etc). 

I was the manager of our school's bookstore too so that took up a lot of extra time. 

2. Share with us some high school pictures. We know you have them somewhere.

Good grief! I have looked everywhere on my computers and this was the only one I could find. I have a bunch more but most of them are on my parent's computer. I need to get some saved to a disk so I'll have them. This is a picture from, I think my junior year with two of my best friends. Mandy is missing from it but this is me on the right with the bad perm. My friend Samantha in the middle and Julia on the left. We were inseparable in HS. I think we were eating at a popular restaurant close by. My how we have changed since then!

3. Tell us about your school. Private? Public? How many in graduating class? Mascots? School colors?

I went to a small, public, country school. The only HS in our county. My graduating class was the smallest at that time of just a little over 100 (graduated in 2001). We probably had around 600-700 total kids 9-12th grade at my school. 

The interesting thing about my graduating class was we were the last class to graduate at the old school building  (over 50 years old). The next class went to the new school building.

Our school colors were black and gold and our mascot was the Rebel. See below. There was always a little controversy over our mascot shall I say....not politically correct. We are a southern TN town with a civil war I can kinda see that. But it stayed.

I loved my school! It was the perfect size in my opinion and I was given lots of great opportunities while I attended there. No regrets.

4. Tell us about some of your favorite memories of high school. Or what stands out the most? Any teachers? Specific classes?

I took almost every business class offered and I was very involved in our Business Professionals of America Club, so most of my memories are from going on club trips (Minneapolis and Anaheim, CA). We also went to compete in Nashville almost every year. It was a fun club to be in and I adored my teacher and club sponsor, Mrs. Baggett. She was an awesome teacher and she really reached out to each student and tried to get them involved and learn what their strengths were and how to use them in competitions. I considered her friend and still do. 

I also remember that we got a 15 minute "social time" every afternoon before our last classes. Basically you could just hang out for about 15 minutes and do whatever you needed too and clubs would meet during that time sometimes too. I can just remember hanging out with my friends and then when I was dating a guy, we would hold hands and walk around the campus. That is what everyone did when they were dating. It was kind of funny looking back. Almost like you were letting everyone know that you were dating someone. LOL

I also remember during homecoming week we would do a lot of "airshows" as they were called. They were basically skits set to music or something that different clubs or teams would do in the gym and everyone would go and sit by grade to watch them. Some of them were pretty legendary. AC/DC's Back in Black got played so many times (because of our school colors). 

I also remember that on game days we had to wear our full uniform (softball) all day. Ugh! Sometimes it felt like I wore that outfit all week. It got old fast. 

5. Tell us a piece of advice you would pass on to your children or any child entering high school.

The biggest piece of advice I can give to kids going to HS is to not take yourself too seriously. I did and I wish I hadn't. Also, don't be worried too much about what other people think of you. Most of the time everyone else is just trying to fit in too and probably aren't even paying attention to you. LOL All of this is advice I wish I had given myself back in the day. 

I promise that once you are out of HS you will realize how petty and immature HS is compared to the big world. 

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