Thursday, September 13, 2012

Funny Things Jonah Is Saying

So Jonah is finally starting to talk now. It's like once he turned 2 he just decided "ok I think I will start talking now." LOL He is putting two and three words together on his own more and more. Of course we don't always know what he is saying but we usually figure it out and he will just keep repeating the same word until we know what he means. LOL

I just wanted to jot some of them down to remember what he was saying and what they actually sound like to us.

Titty Tat (kitty cat)

Moan (phone)

Bekfass (breakfast)

Baar (car)

Tids (kids)

Wellow (yellow)

Nigh nigh (night night)

Tank do (thank you)

Peeees (please)

Dacter (tractor)

Ahmas (Thomas)

I mow (I mow - with his play lawn mower)

Tisses (fishes of the gold variety)

Es maam (yes maam)

Oubsibe (outside)

Dink (drink)

Onah (Jonah)

Nee Nee (his friend Neely)

Biwee (his friend Briley)

Nanny (his great-grandmother that we all call Granny)

Audee (his aunt Audrey)

Up an mown (up and down)

Bus (bus - he says that one good)

Puppie!! (he always says puppy so excitedly)

Poopie (coffee-he pretends he is making us coffee...he already realizes it's importance at our house)

Bass (bath)

Soos (shoes)

Tiyou (Caillou)

He has also started to call us Mommy and Daddy instead of Mama and Dada like he did for so long. It is funny that he just started doing that on his own even though we call ourselves Mama and Dada around him. LOL

He knows just about all his colors and can say them (or try to at least). He knows blue, red, yellow, orange, black, white, pink, purple and green. He loves you to tell him to find a color crayon and he goes right to it!!

Also Jonah is starting to identify letters correctly, which I am just astounded that he can do that already. We read tons of books every week and his Nana works with him some during the week too when she has him. It is really starting to sink in.

Last Sunday Michael had on an Aeropostale shirt and Jonah was sitting in his lap. Jonah just reached up and pointed the letter A and said it and then the letter E, O and T. And then last night we were about to read Goodnight Moon and were looking at the cover where it has the title on it. I asked him where the O was (since I knew he knew that one) and he pointed right to them. Then I asked him where the T was and he found it easily. But then I decidd to ask him where the D and G were. It took him just a couple of seconds but then he pointed right to them!!! I was amazed.

Sorry if that sounds braggy but I just think that is really good for a 25 month old to know those things already. We are proud parents of our little sponge!

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  1. Sounds like a smart little guy!! I love seeing the cute things he says!! Precious! Have a great weekend!!


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