Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What We've Been Up To

Whew!! What a busy couple of weeks it has been for our bunch. But we are over the final hurdle, which was my brother's wedding, this past weekend. It was beautiful and we could not have had any more perfect weather for it. Clear skys and it was actually cool enough for a bon-fire the night of their wedding! Can you believe that in mid-August. It's just proof (not that I need it) that God listens and answers prayers because I know I for one prayed for the nice weather. Anyways just to catch up on happening around here, I have some pictures to share. The first couple of pictures are from two weekends ago when our church had a fellowship picnic at a local park and playground area. It was a scortcher that day but we all had a good time. Jonah loved the playground and getting in the water spicket as you can tell.

Also that same weekend I got a little crafty bug and decided to spray paint some yard sale frames I recently found. I am thinking the black one I will use for some type of Halloween printable. The turquoise one will probably end up in our living room. I am not sure what I'm going to do with the white one. I have more to paint but trying to round up my ideas for each one before I pull the trigger.

The last pictures are all fro this past weekend. Michael, Jonah and I went back to the playground on Saturday morning before all the wedding festivities began. We had the place to ourselves and I got some cute pictures of Jonah. He can climb up to that big slide all by hiself now and he thinks (knows) he is so big!!

This is a shot towards the water from the playground. It was a beautiful morning!

I could kiss those cheeks off!

I also have decided I need to get more organized around the house and mentally. So my first step is starting a home organization binder. Here is the beginning of it and I have printed off a ton of free printables such as menue planning sheets and weekly chore sheets. I hope it will help me in being more prepared each week for meals and housework so that we can enjoy time on the weekends. We will see how it goes. I love the binder though (LOL). It's from Target.

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