Monday, August 6, 2012

Scrapbook Pages

I just wanted to share some more of my digital scrapbook pages that I've been working on. I actually whipped this two-page layout up last night in just an hour and half. The free monthly templates for Photoshop from the Shabby Princess are the way to go for this kind of stuff. Just stick in your papers and pictures and you are done! And no mess to clean up is my favorite part.

I did however go to my local scrapbook store's annual scrapbook yard sale this weekend and stocked back up on lots of fun paper for really cheap. I still enjoy making cards and other small projects with scrapbook paper but I just cannot get into doing actual scrapbook pages. I never seem to finish them and that drives me crazy.

Anyways I hope you enjoy and check out those free templates!


  1. So cute! Love the colors, the layouts and how you wrote around the circle!!

  2. Thanks! Melanie that is actually how the template was set up (writing in a circle) so it was really easy and I did not come up with it. LOL

  3. These are such cute pages! I love the colors! So bright and cheery.


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