Friday, August 3, 2012

My Bucket List

Life is short and that is scary to think about sometimes. There are so many tings I would love to be able to do in my lifetime. What better way to remember than to write them down. So here is my bucket far at least. Many of the items involve traveling somewhere, which I have not done much of, and all of those will cost money. Why do all the fun things have to cost money. Thank goodness the BEST things in life are FREE!

Bucket List for next 10 Years:

1. Make something that can be sent over to a third-world country. I am thinking maybe pillowcases or dolls for children.

2. Teach a women's devotional class. This would be more like a face-your-fear kind of thing as I don't enjoy speaking in a large group but I love to hear what other women face and how they manage. I love the bonding between wives, mothers, daughter and sisters that can span many generations and learning from each other.

3. Learn to make fried-chicken for the hubby. I feel it is my duty (yeah I just said duty) as a southern women to learn to do this at least once.

4. Make a quilt.

5. Run a 5k race. I hate running so this would be a really big goal for me.

6. Have a REAL white Christmas with piles of snow. We don't get that much in TN.

7. Catch Santa Claus on video for Jonah. My parents almost caught him for us one year and I have never forgotten that video.

8. Own a pair of $100 jeans just to see what all the hype is about and if they are really worth the $.

9. Keep my hair long for at least a whole year and make myself try different styles with it before I chop it off.

10. Learn to recover at least a chair myself. My mother-in-law has her own upholstery business so this should not be a hard one to do.

11. Take Jonah (and any other kiddos we have) to Disney World!!

Bucket List for 10 Years or More:

1. Own a claw-foot tub!!! My dream for as long as I can remember. I remember some friends of my parents lived in a really old house and we visited and got to look around and almost every bathroom had one of those in it. I've wanted one ever since.

2. Get laser hair removal done on my face. Maybe that is over-sharing but it would be awesome!

3. Got to NYC at Christmas.

4. Go to the endless yard sale that started in Jamestown, TN and just hit all the great sales. It's going on this weekend I believe.

5. Go on a mission trip with a big group to somewhere out of the country. I want to do this as a couple or as an entire family one day.

6. Complete a scrapbook every year for our family.

7. Go on a cruise.

Well there you have it. Maybe I will live to see a lot of these marked off my list...God willing!


  1. I am itching to do some mission work, too. I am hoping it will happen for us in the near future!

  2. Love your bucket list!!! And y'all should have come and stayed with me in Cookeville this weekend! It's right beside Jamestown!


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