Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bunny Pictures

Last weekend we stopped in to our local (and fantastic) professional photographer's studio to get some pictures made with the live bunny. Jonah was so excited about going to do this and could not wait to see the bunny. He basically walked in the studio and was like "where is my bunny?" LOL

Jonah was in such a great mood and did really well with the pictures and Christy (the photographer) is so good with kids! The bunny was being very lively that morning and he did a nose dive out of the basket into some of the live flowers she had. It was funny but he just didn't want to stay very still even though she had food inside his little basket.

Jonah was so excited to "carry" the bunny in the basket. We had to let him walk around (with our help) a little bit carrying the bunny in the basket.

Here is a sneak peak she posted of his session. I can't wait to see the out-take album of funny shots from all the bunny pics.

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