Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Funny

As often as I can, I want to try and document the funny things Jonah is saying and doing at this age. Here is one from this week.

Back-story: When Jonah was 5 weeks old, his Nana and Papaw (my Mom & Dad) took off on a road-trip on their motorcycle to the Grand Canyon and out West. While they were visiting the Grand Canyon they stopped into the gift shop and bought Jonah a little wolf/puppy and a story book that goes with it. Fast-forward to today and Jonah loves this puppy and has been sleeping with it for a while. It's the most realistic looking stuffed dog I've ever seen.

The Funny: Just this week Jonah started taking "Puppy" with him every day to Nana's house and she decided to tell him the story of Puppy riding in the trunk of the motorcycle all the way back from the Grand Canyon. She also showed him all their pictures from the trip and he was just mesmerized by the whole thing.

So now "Puppy" has a new name. He is now "Grand Canyon Puppy." And Jonah will correct you if you just say Puppy.

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  1. How adorable!! Love hearing fun tidbits about your little man! Hope you are feeling great!

  2. He did another funny thing when I was home Monday...we tried to get him to take Grand Canyon Puppy into the fire engine as his fire dog after we saw dalmatians on the TV and I said they were fire dogs. He said "I want a fire dog" but then walked around the fire truck and grabbed Lenny Lemur and said "I have a fire monkey!" They drove the truck together and before he'd act like he was driving he'd say "Hold tight Lenny!" and hug him tight! :)

    1. Oh my goodness! That is too funny! He is a character!


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