Sunday, February 9, 2014

Haley is 6 Months Old!

Haley is now 6 months old! To think that half a year has passed since she came into our lives is just shocking! It feels like she has always been here and that she was just born!

I feel like we are really hitting our stride with her and watching her blossom. She is very predictable but also doing lots of new things.


-Cut her first teeth on the bottom in the front!
-Started sleeping in her crib at night!
-Is starting to do great at sitting up but still needs help.
-Starting on solid food.
-Wearing size 6 month clothes exclusively and size 2 diapers
-Dr. Visit Stats: 14 lbs 4 oz (15th percentile), 24 inches long (5th percentile), head circ. 44 cm. (90th percentile). Was healthy and on track developmentally. She it petite but her head is big! Haha!


Still doing very good with sleep and still takes 3 naps a day. Two long ones and one short one in the evening. Haley still sleeps a good long stretch at night and takes a bottle and then goes back to sleep. She is sleeping in her crib now at night exclusively. She had been in her swing before. I worried and stressed that this transition would be hard and kept putting it off. Michael kept saying we needed to go ahead and move her. Especially when 2 different, nice swings pooped out on us. We were on our last backup swing and decided to try it one Friday night. We figured if it didn't go well at least we didn't both have to work the next day. Well we set a timer for 5 minutes and said after that we would go in and get her if she was still fussing. She did fuss for 5 minutes and I was just about to go in there but then she started to calm down so I waited. She started fussing again so we set the timer for 2 more minutes. After that was up I started to go in and she calmed down so I stood outside her door. Well she was already asleep! So what I had worried and stressed over for so long was NOTHING! Isn't that how it always goes? She still sleeps in her swing for naps some when we can't get her settle down in the crib. Overall , though we are so proud of her. Also another milestone in the sleep department is that she does not sleep swaddled anymore. We swaddled her for the first 5 months of her life but now she is making the transition to sleeping with free arms. I have to say though that those HALO sleep sacks are wonderful for swaddling and keeping babies warm in the bed!


Haley still eats 5 oz. every 4 hours during the day and takes a bottle in the night. She has gotten to where she will sleep sometimes from 8:30 till 4:30 and then wants something to eat. That is hard because we don't feel we can give her full 5 oz. because she will not sleep long enough for her next feeding and then her schedule for the day is all off. We are hoping that once we start the foods completely that she will sleep all night long. Haley is doing much better with finishing her bottles even if we have to stop a few times for burps or readjusting. She used to would not ever take it back once she stopped. Oatmeal hasn't gone great but I think she just doesn't really like the texture of it. We are going to start on the yellow veggies this week so we'll see how it goes.


Haley can hold things and chew on them now and she loves to sit up and see what's around her. Her hand and eye coordination is getting better and better. She loves to jump when we hold her standing up in our laps. She still loves to play on her play mat and can grasp all the objects above her head. She loves to be sung to and loves to watch her big brother run around. They are starting to interact more than ever but he still mostly ignores her. We are working on sitting up and she can hold herself up without falling forward but once she heads backwards or to one side or the other she doesn't brace herself for the fall. I think she will be sitting up by the end of this month though. She can roll from her back to her side but just won't move that one arm to let her self roll completely over. She will stay on her side for a while though.


Still just the most smiley and content baby. Haley is content to hang out in her bouncy seats and the play mat for extended periods of time. She is content to lay in her bed and just be until she gets sleepy or hungry. She is also grunting and cooing a lot at us and we are getting better at figuring out what makes her laugh. I've said that if I knew all babies were like her I would have another one. But I do know they aren't all like that because of her brother LOL! He was not a very content baby. :)

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  1. Isn't it seriously crazy how fast time flies by? She is so precious! <3

  2. I applaud you for keeping to her five minute check ins. We need to do that with Wells and I just go straight to his room when I hear him!

  3. I still feel like that with Cade and he is almost 2!!! He just got here, but yet it feels like he has been here forever!

  4. What a little doll!! Time sure flies-hard to believe she is already 6 months! It goes too fast!!


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