Saturday, February 15, 2014


Last weekend we had some of the most snow we've had since Jonah was born. We had a big snow the year he was born but obviously he couldn't play it that. But this was the first since then. It was a wet snow that was not good for sledding in but was good for making snow balls. Once Haley took her morning nap we headed out to play. Jonah loved playing in it and did not want to come inside when it was time to. By the late afternoon most of the snow on the ground was gone.


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  1. Hahaha the picture with Michael in the back about to throw a snowball is hilarious! Jonah was not expecting it! Love that y'all got to enjoy some snow with him!

  2. Snow sure makes for pretty pictures! You guys got a good amount. We got a little, not as much as you guys, but enough to play in..kind of. =) Your little man is getting so big. So handsome too!


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