Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentines 2014

We had a fun Valentine's day! Michael and I went out for a date night the weekend before so we wouldn't have to fight the crowds. We always go to a local Italian place in Paris, TN that never disappoints. It's a bit of drive for us but so worth it. We also were able to pick out the kid's Valentine's stuff together that night.

On Valentine's day we just ordered pizza in and gave the kids their stuff that night. Jonah loved his little Dusty plane and his dalmatian puppy he named Spots. He also had a Valentine's party at the library story hour on Thursday and got lots of goodies.

I took some pictures of the kids in the Valentine's outfits and sent out little cards to the grandparent's too.

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  1. Your kids are just too cute and I love Haley's name! I am a new follower and I cannot wait to read more! Stop by my blog and say hello sometime too!


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