Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall Family Fun!

We had the most fun and exhausting weekend! The weather was near perfection and the kids were in great spirits all weekend. It was the perfect formula for all that we had planned to do. Friday was Michael's birthday so we ate out as a family of 4 at our local hometown diner. We haven't ate out much since Haley came along but it went surprisingly well. This was great considering the only empty table was in the very middle of the restaurant so we were totally on display. But it all went good and Haley stayed amused through the whole thing and was content to stay in her seat.

Saturday we headed with some friends to a big pumpkin patch and farm in Springfield, TN. We went to the same place last year and there is just a TON of stuff for the kids to do. It's a long drive for us but it's totally worth it! Jonah surprised us both by wanting to do so much more stuff this year than he did last year. He was not concerned about the crowds or anything this time and the other kids that went with us were all his age so they could do lots of things together.

Miss Haley was so good for us all day. She missed her morning nap (but rested on ride up) and had to hang out in the stroller all day but she was a dream! She never fussed once and just enjoyed getting pushed around the farm and seeing all the kids running around. 

This place has a huge sand pit that is full of diggers and trucks. It is a little boy's paradise. I think Jonah could have stayed right there all day if we had let him. 

We got a couple of shots with the kids. They did good for mine but something caught their attention in Daddy's photo. LOL

They also have this giant inflated balloon-type thing that the kids could run up on and jump around. They called is corn popper. Jonah loved that this year and went all by himself (last year Michael went with him).

Jonah with his buddies Briley and Neely.

Jonah rode behind the 4-wheeler once too! He said it was really bumpy.

After lunch Haley started fading fast and fell asleep. We bumped our way back to the car and she stayed asleep the whole way home. I just had to get a picture of her cute little booties, too!

After we all rested for an hour or so we decided to head back out to Piney campground in Land Between the Lakes area to visit with my in-laws who were camping down there. They also were having their trick-or-treating at the campground so we took along Jonah's costume so he could trick-or-treat a little bit. 

My MIL, Dee and the kids at Piney.

Jonah hitting up a nice lady handing out candy.

He wanted his picture taken with the black cat in the background.

Sunday we went to church and then came home and made a big pot of chilli for Michael's birthday celebration (really just supper at our house and a bonfire). We had family over and enjoyed chilli with all the fixings, my Mom made Mexican cornbread and my Dad made smoked bologna. We all ate outside by a fire and then enjoyed some delicious carrot cake that I ordered especially for him. It was a nice relaxing evening spent catching up with family. A great way to start the week!

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